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Like a Pendulum Wave

At the beginning of time, we were oneone motion like a pendulum waveall our atoms and the stardust in our souls moving to the beat of one note, one symphonySomewhere along the way of space and timein between the creation of...

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We Were Explorers

You asked me: What is Love and How do you know when you are in love (with me)? When a mere thought process in your mind about that person can physically grab you from the inside with a fist and squeeze on your innards. Being...

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Where Is My Dusk?

A Poem of My Love For The Sun I woke and saw the dawn today, Creeping over the hills, Crawling up my fingertips, While giving me faint chills. “Is it possible?” I mutter. “That you will rise some more? Showing me the break of...

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