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Memories I Made With Him

I like him Because I made memories with him A patchwork quilt of lust and wonder Stitched together like tales from brothers grim I made memories with him. Hid them in my cornea asunder But he wants to forget them write me off as...

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To The Man I’ve Loved A Lifetime

You know who you are. You left me, and the universe took your place while you were gone. The stars stayed bright so I wouldn’t lose hope. The sun kept shining, so that I could keep smiling. The moon kept me company, on...

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Maybe He Doesn’t Remember

Maybe He Doesn’t Remember All the times I measured his spine with my fingers while he lay asleep with his back facing me and I dove deep within his chi and rooted myself within him for the sole purpose when we would part...

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Who Am I?

Who Am I? I’m in Love. With my Eyes? No. With My Heart. And with My Soul. And I just Hope He is too. For he’s my sun. And I’m his moon. He’s my smile. He’s just my style. And he’s the right...

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La Fin

In all his flaws, I saw only beauty I took awe and delight, In his lunacy He tore down walls, and exposed my dark places draped me in passion and spoon fed me cruelty He made this strong woman, weak in the knees Clocks kept...

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