When I am In Love

When I am in love, the world is nothing but a playground. I could go anywhere with my lover and feel entertained by the smallest events. Simply, because they are done, with him. A simple walk in the woods, among the skinny and...

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The Midnight Muse

oh, sweet love where art thou? trapped in masculine inferno eternal damnation and these men be hoes like juicy say they for eeevery body they ain’t gonna be loyal not for aaaanybody still I loooove these hoes they got me...

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My Love Language Is Him

When I was young, I had a short lived fascination with being a butterfly catcher I became obsessed with seeing all the different kinds I could find in books. I would look thru those books and think to myself. Chase the monarch?...

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A Heart With No Home

My heart is a jungle. Filled with a lush ecosystem, humid and hungry creatures still undiscovered by that beast at the top of the food chain I am welcoming of all, but not all can survive here my heart is a home, waiting for you...

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The King and The Ugly Duckling

Once upon a time there was a great king. He was a good to his people and the land was rich. No one was ever without food or healthcare. He made sure children were educated and flourished. And he was also, so good to women....

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