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Atlas So Loved The World

I am a flower. I require attention, love, proper and adequate settings to thrive. As a gardener, you became too blindsided by your personal life and personal needs, that you neglected the flower you purchased 7 months ago. I say...

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A Letter To An Angel

I am awake at dawn but can’t seem to clear my thoughts of you. My angel. So grateful that my heart can reside in the realm of your morality and grace and is no longer entrapped by the mouths of wolves who’ve ravaged...

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In My Dreams

We may not be able to sleep side by side, but I still swoon to the scent of your beard on my pillow. We may not be able to hold hands, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about what your hands looked like writing...

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Hello Sun, Goodbye World

It’s bad enough, I fall asleep with your messy hair inside my dreams with the ghost of your scent lingering on the edge of my slipping memories its there I slide thru snapshots of every moment you touched me and my loins...

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il mio re, il mio cuore

I fantasize… oh how I fantasize. Under the covers of my bed. And in those fantasies, my legs straddle you as we are face to face your finger slips into my woman hood oh so slowly, teasing me but just before you enter me...

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To Be Yours, I Can Only Dream

I love the way he shows me love In the ways he gives me his time I’m handcuffed by his sweet words I think i’ve found my partner in crime he shows his love with stable patience I’ve not known a love so warm and...

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The Day The Music Died

It is quite a strange experience that the gods have placed before us. A world full of war and rage and monsters. and there is the flip side to it, if you’re lucky enough to be on the more quieter end of life. A life where...

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The Kinda Girl He Needs

What kinda woman shall I be? What kinda woman does he need? Perhaps it’s one of the red lipsticked long legged gals who are sultry, in thier stride? Careful not to crack the illusion of a perfect statuesque beauty with any...

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Make Him Mine

In my bed I toss and turn in my head I pine and yearn in my heart I seek to learn how to win your heart In your eyes, I feel the burn under your wing, just like a bird I snuggle, hidden from the world and pray we never part but...

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