Who Am I?

I’m in Love.

With my Eyes?

No. With My Heart.

And with My Soul.

And I just Hope

He is too.

For he’s my sun.

And I’m his moon.

He’s my smile.

He’s just my style.

And he’s the right amount, of cool.

Who am I? He said to me.

And what I didn’t say back, he already knew.

I love you, too.

I’m not leaving, without drinking of you.

For we will be bonded, one way or anther.

A piece of you is coming back with me.

For your soul, will never again leave.

My side.

My shadow, my sun, my reflection on the lake.

Won’t you simply take,

my hand?

And ask me, who I am.

So I can tell you, I’m yours.