A Poem of My Love For The Sun

I woke and saw the dawn today,
Creeping over the hills,
Crawling up my fingertips,
While giving me faint chills.

“Is it possible?” I mutter.
“That you will rise some more?
Showing me the break of day,
And all this worlds galore.”

Your sunbeams breaking through the clouds,
Your one quarter of the way,
Of showing me your entire whole,
And all your secrets crept away.

Ah, yet you pause,
So the birds may bask in your sunlight.
You are glorious in your moment.
Just watching them gives you delight.

You recognize that I need you,
To continue on with the day.
You expose yourself a little more.
Now we are one half of the way.

“My sun!” I say.
“It is a gift to have you by my side.
To bath my trees and fondle my grass.
My sun! I’m much obliged.”

“This morning you caressed me with your beams
And awoke me with your warm touch.
Will this morning last forever?
Or will it turn to dusk?”

(The sun replies)

“Be patient my dear and you will see
The answer to your tale.
For all great stories have an end.
But your questions are bigger than whales.”

“So if I am to answer them,
Would you like me to just satisfy your needs?
Or would you like the truth my friend,
Is it honesty you really seek?”

“Your silent smile speaks your words.
Did I discover your worlds?
Hidden beneath your eyelids,
Begging to be unfurled.”

Here are a few words of wisdom
From and old soul who’s seen the world.
And just a dash of fresh insight,
For such a curious girl.

“Don’t hold on to hope my friend
For you will only fret.
Time will be your story teller
He is my best friend yet.”

“To avoid drowning in this world
Of hate and jealousy,
Do not tell lies for stardom or secret.
The truth will always set you free.”

“Do not boast of great deeds you have done.
Please do them silently
It’s far more rewarding in the long run.
When the branch loses its last leaf.”

“Cheating gets you nowhere,
And lies will leave you wet.
Sharing shows you love the world
Don’t be overcome with greediness.”

“What is the greatest thing you seek?
Why do you talk to me?
What answers are you searching for?
Where do you hide your key?”


(Girl replies)

“My great sun, I search for you,
My simple love in life
For just a glimpse of your great glory
My travels have been such strife.”

“My wants are endless,
And my needs are just but one.
To have a happy ending
With the one I call My Sun”

My sun is here and has broken his dawn
I can see all the light of day
Clouds disappear due to his mass
I have but one thing to say

“I love you sun
I’ve waited here since 1,000 years ago
You never came, so I stayed here
In hopes that you would show.”

“My hopes came true and you were wrong
When you told me hopes just kill
My soul would wither like a leaf
But yet I waited still.”

The sun rose high above the earth
And hid behind a thinking cloud
Arose one eyebrow at me and said
“My! That is so profound!!”

“You waited here 1,000 years
For me to show my gold,
And all you want is to bask with me?
My friend, my heart is sold!”

“But alas my friend
The time has come for me to end the day
My dusk is near
And I have had much pleasure from your stay”

(Girl beckons)

“My sun, please wait.
That was so quick.
Just a few hours are all I get?”

But will you return
Oh beautiful sun to awaken me once again?
Where do you go when the moon is high?
Will you return to me my best friend?

Look forward to the dusk my dear
For then the sky will read
Tomorrow is another day
For us to share our seeds

Au Revoir my love I leave to you
The dark to rest with now
I will return at dawn for you
To comfort you with clouds.

(Girl thinks)

Good bye my sun
Where is my dusk?
So I may get some rest
awaiting your warm glistening upon my beating chest.

My heart beats fierce, my throats a flame
My stomach turns in knots
I will close my eyes and dream of you
My one and only sun.