They say to me, when dating
Chill out! it’s only been one date
look what you’re doing, look how your acting

And I just don’t understand. I’m not stupid.
I don’t go gaga after everything that walks toward me
or squawks at me
or flaps it’s wings & shows me all his glory

but if I do go gaga,
why should I hold it back?
it hurts to do that.
cause I like the feeling
of churning
and burning
and even the waiting, I enjoy 🙂

and what’s the risk?
disappointment? heartache?
I think those are fair trades
considering that when god
gives you the emotions you can’t get

all alone, on your own
you should swallow them

and say thank you
“i want some more!!”
and you wait
and wait
and get hungry
you might even starve a little

and then the phone rings
ring ring ring
I made you a treat

come on over and taste it 🙂