I love the way he shows me love
In the ways he gives me his time

I’m handcuffed by his sweet words
I think i’ve found my partner in crime

he shows his love with stable patience
I’ve not known a love so warm and kind

he even watched me love another
despite that, by my side, he still stood by

The love he’s shown for me is like none other
advice he must have gotten from angels in the sky

I would spend every day, ensuring he was happy
I tried so hard to tell him in the way I bat my eyes

can he hear me when I whisper I love him?
thru guitar string melodies that make me want to cry

can he feel how lustfully I love him
when he slides himself into my tender cherry pie

he makes love to me in his stories
in all the words he does and doesn’t write

he draws his love in pictures for me
he has disbursed his love for me to find

I wish he’d let me love him, for a love like this
is so very hard for me (or nearly anyone) to find

forbidden love, I know it is
and I feel wrong to want to make him mine

but what is love, without some risk?
I’m a humble 7 in love with a top shelf 9

but to me, he’s one million one thousand and 99,
to me his every damn star shining in the night sky

and if you want to be happy for the rest of your life
I’ve heard you should never make a pretty woman your wife

so listen to the words I say to you, and get an ugly girl to marry you 😉

I want to love, the one whom loves me
I want to love him so very fiercely
I want the grandest of love I hear in all those stories
I want to make my own impossible destiny

won’t you let me love you?
because I love all the ways, that you have shown you love me

I know this love is early, and in it’s infancy
I know you want to take things slow and halt my urgency
show me that you love me, I will take your hands and let you lead

because I know without a doubt, you should be my king
and I would be so lucky, to one day be your queen

oh it’s in all the ways, he shows me that he loves me
that’s got me on my knees

la fin