oh, sweet love
where art thou?
trapped in masculine inferno
eternal damnation
and these men be hoes
like juicy say
they for eeevery body
they ain’t gonna be loyal
not for aaaanybody
still I loooove these hoes
they got me falling to my knees
with that 9.5″ of long teasin
I don’t seem to tire of that sleez’n
puttin that silver tongue on me
soul sucking motha fucka
got lyrics flowin from me
like waterfalls, Niagara falls
drippin from my panties
a sucker for them demonic eyes
golden ticket fingers got me high
wonka’s candy factory, I won the prize
everlasting gobstoppers you oughta try
his everlasting lickin is robbin me blind
fingers like twizzlers makin me lose my mind
he’s a bad motha fucka, losin all track of time
dark chocolate rivers on my lips been outlined
his life force draining me
of my humanity
that incubus got a hold of me
I’m losing my sanity
he’s the reflection of vanity
glutton for punishment
no more Christianity
my greed becoming calamity
his bite bigger than mortality
mortal kombat me a fatality
rise from the grave romantically
now a succubus with immorality
here to share some of this immortality
that been bestowed upon me abstractedly
roamin this candy land mechanically
seeking my prey with liquid languidly
slither thru your veins emphatically
spitting my lyrics volcanically
never was a basic bitch
catch me plie’ fantastically
dancing in the dark with my fantasies
summoning demons to invade me
they try to posses me, but instead
I stitch them down like patches on my jeans
collection of butterflies or just worthless human beings
a myriad of men who stripped me of my meaning
incubus circling me like a wolf on empty
a reflection of hell in the mirror is all I can see
got my heart going vroom vroom
like I’m trippin on speed
oompa loompa dumpa dee deee
midnight muse beatboxin on my pussy
these ain’t butterflys you given me
their musty dusty moths spinnin inside of me
tip your top hat and spin your cane willy
all aboard the SS wonkatania
where we indulge on self serving mania
The devil live on my shoulder
I been tellin ya
he spits his rhymes and clouds my eyes
spins my cocoon to metamorphosis
my angel wings into ravaging forest fires
my halo rustin, color caramelized
rumplestiltskin’s spindle speaks womanize
sew that bitch a golden satin dress
and watch how she falls to her knees
and into the depth of my eyes and lies
stay woke from the coma of the candy man
this motha fucka the joker, ain’t no bat man
ain’t no savin the day today
he’s set to demolish my wedding bouquet
fatten me up on sweets and give me tooth decay
cherry pie, make her mine and when I’m done
I’ll throw that bitch away
these hoes out here just ain’t loyal
maggots in the crust, invading the soil
that I laid down so we could sow seeds
instead he pulls out his dick and proceeds to pee
on the dreams I had laid before us
on this future I was writing for him and me
this type of man is void of any loyalty
no dedication, no honesty and no morality
cesspool of orgasmic train running seismic
tremors vibrating on old school atari joysitcks
enchanting me don’t require a broomstick
just hold yourself and don’t cum quick
bewitch me with your golden tongue
trippin on a double cup and a zip
get yourself high as fuck on these pussy lips
take a puff on my atom bomb
till that bitch you entertain’n
went from poppin to a blip
bazooka joe got that bubble yum that make a bitch
rotate from a housewife into a simp
she make that dragon dick go from limp
to a fire breathing volcanic las vegas pimp
he don slapped that bitch
I swear sometimes
I gotta get high to hang around my hoe
this motha fucka don’t know
he’s fuccin wit a psycho
and I don’t give a fuck about shit
I’m on some of that night stalker killin shit
tub a butter on one arm and a cutlery set in the other
dahmer noddin in approval at the meat I got smothered
in too much garlic bitch, making my plate all fancy
cook that shit up like gordan ramsey
3 hours in the slow cooking sous vide
we gonna tear your ass up like christmas dinner in childs play
best friends till the end lil bitch
with a side of au jus sauce and
my fuckin pussy juice smothered all up in your face
your love is like a horror movie
b rated and fake as fuck
you the toxic avenger hoe
and we stopping by the dump
to kick your ass out this 4 door truck
you ain’t country and you shur ain’t shit
you a city nigga and I just like to fuck and dip
you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife
you can’t make the incubus come back to life
you can’t make the joker go from wrong to right
you can’t make willy downgrade his chocolate to white
you the muse that I use for lyrics at midnight
spinning these feelings you bore from me
into lyrics that I can hold up high and bright
flexin my muscles with all my might
making mary jane green from your blight
eatin my words of affirmation to boost your ego
just so you can give the best version of yourself to some other hoe
but its you who’s just a goofy hoe
gettin your ego off on using hoes
and I hope one day you feel all alone
when you can’t open up and get totally close
give someone your all and feel completely exposed
thats the curse I put upon you bro
from your wife, thru me to the end of the road
thats what you get when you treat people like a joke
spontaneously combust from your playing yo-yo
get me all up in my feelings bitch and I’ll take that shit back
devious mother fuckers deserved to get smacked
this pussy might love you, but my brain knows you’re wack
shes the succubus you busy trying to make fat
and she eats all you feed her, your brainless doormat
and I rack my brain at that actions of that fuckin brat
no self control, she’s on some of that top hat
top shelf dick that make her gyrate and vibrate
and forget where she at
where we at?
hold up….
oh, sweet love
where art thou?
i’m trapped in this masculine inferno
and I can’t seem to find my way out

these hooooessss…