As I stepped forth from dimension 4 into dimension 3
I witness the uprising of the man into machine

slowly they faded from the earth
and immersed themselves within 2D

eyes and mind drowning within brightened flat screens
for I could no longer hear, but only read their screams

depression was just a feeling, now it’s a disease
sharing your feelings online, with a pack of emojis

thoughts wrapped in a bottle, throwing it into the sea
with other robots typing words, littering the deep

losing your emotions, becoming melancholy
slave to infinite knowledge, prisoner of technology

for the snake bring forth knowledge, in the apple to eve
twas the fall of human, no longer of innocent being

but glutton of evil, and knowledge of all things
wars to gain power, shackle each other with money

for gold is but a block, not plentiful like honey
a dollar is but paper, of a tree once stood tall and lovely

you won’t hear me properly, when my mouth gives this speech
so I follow you here, and perhaps you will hear me speak

for the phone in your hands, is but a fuckin leash
I can’t slap you in the face hard enough for you to even see

and these words you’ll pass on by, and will get lost in this sea
of digital bullshit fake conversation camaraderie

come over to me, feel me, hear me, see me breathe
for I still have my soul, and I would give it to thee

all in hopes, that you might just see
that all I want is for you to, be

apart of the universe, the sky and the sea
to hear the dance of wind as it blows about the leaves

to conversate with the earth, the birds and the bees
to make friends with not just humans, but yes, also the trees

please, learn how to listen, for I swear to you, they all speak
and inside of my body, It’s a song I can hear them all sing

but humans are no longer even listening
it’s a joke, laughable enough to make a meme

and I even laugh along with you, because that’s just me
a shapeshifting creature, trying to reach each being

but every minute, hour and day, my heart becomes weak
for this is not my home, among you human beings

but in a dimension that we aren’t able to see
dimension 6 or 4, but not this dimension of 3

and I’ll warn you once again, you are lost in 2D
and in the future, you won’t be able to see

that it was always you, just stuck inside technology
you are not really here, it’s illusion and trickery

tis possible to travel back in time, thousands of years
when stuck inside the time machine, that you built for yourselves

climb aboard your hollow vessel, a ship without dreams
continue to shadow yourself inside this technology

for life is of imagination and creativity
not within the microchips or electric circuitry

for the most wild ride, lives within your own mind
that universe so close to you, your personal beacon of light

i watch the fall of my brothers, head in my hands I cry
and the question always plaguing my mind, is why

the weapon of modern war, you hold tightly in your hands
the greatest scheme I’ve ever seen, someones masterplan

and here I am, a prisoner in this concentration camp
alongside my brothers, is where i do stand

I do not have the power to leave my fellow man
without the knowledge, that knowledge is bad

but it is all, that we have ever had
since that day in the garden, the apple in eve’s hands

the day we went from pure and good, to burning bad
tears I wept, you betrayed and I became sad

but, as destiny has it, this has all been pre-programmed
for maybe it’s just a story, or a path to a new land

my brothers, won’t you take my hand?
let me lead you into a dimension, away from all this bland

where geometry speaks in colors, and depth is a kaleidoscope band
around a planet, within my mind, and inside my hands

for i have seen numbers that explode in fireworks accross the land
I have witnessed waterfall rainbows, that emerge from a hole in black

death is a beginning, it is not an end.
death is where the music started nor did it ever end.

darkness should never be feared, for it is your closest friend.