What was once a clouded cerulean symphony
Began to split my vision and temporary blind me
For the sea could no longer speak with thee
It’s echos had not been able to reach my melody

A piece of me lay hanging by my fingers in the void
Pixelated birds balanced on a synopsis destroyed
By man-mad hedge clippers and electrical tape, I was bound
That doctor replaced my gelfling harp, with mechanical sounds

My arms stretched searching for better things
I discovered the surgeon clipped my wings
A tear came down as I watched the setting of the sun
My brain had fallen into the silent oblivion

I could not talk to the sea
Nor would the sea talk with me
My soul watched me from afar
As my breath drew in I was hungry

And all I can ever think about
Is how I use to be me
But, that’s no longer me
My thighs felt no rush of sea

Bicubic numerals rained upon me
The cloak of night had come with his army
It’s getting close to closing time
And you know i”m getting hungry

My reflection was refusing to mirror me
Seraphim rising too early from my being
I’ve got a dance to make and I want to be early
This carnival of chaos is expiring prematurly

His darkness, thru the door he peared
And caught me in a daze and scared
Banging my head against the wall
Repeating to his holiness to take me out of here

I think I’ve suffered long enough
You’ve removed my heart and made it tough
It’s youth has shriveled in this drought
The creatures here put a bad taste in my mouth

I want the world to burn and no longer exist
Humanities detonation is on my list
And the only people on my mind are my kids
It’s been pure hell, I don’t want to remember it

But thank you for the moments of quiet
Where I can reminisce about the sins
That you plan for me to suffer in
Never really knowing exactly what I did

And I’ve got my head between my legs
Because it’s the only hiding place I have
Where witches and warlocks don’t exist
And where heaven in my mind began

Once upon a time, I wished for a land
Where suffering was never part of the plan
Where everyone could just sit and swim
And lay under the sun and get a tan

The echo of the sea, tried to talk to me
And he didn’t know i couldn’t hear him
Pretended to understand as I nodded my head
He was no longer my friend, now I feared him

Most my life I talked with the bees and the trees
And now the god of the planet wouldn’t let me breath
I choked on the sins of man and my heart ceased to beat
My holiness the darkness, I’m so glad you came for me

Opal opalescent dreams swirled within my tea
I watched as the psychic tried to hypnotize me
I told him, just go ahead, I’m tired of being me
I give you my soul in exchange for normalcy

I wiped my tears as I watched myself leaving
The building and away from the spectacle of living
What do I care anyway huh? To feel or not to feel?
Does it make me lots of money?

Does it make my memories heal?
Does it give me wings to fly away?
Or will I keep forever spinning in this wheel?

Hope, it’s what keeps us living
And grasping on the sleeves of the dead
Take me with you please don’t leave me
I don’t like being stuck inside my head

We’ve got no room in here
To handle anymore of this dread
I fall down to my knees
And pray for my sudden death

The echo of the sea,
He crashed his waves upon me
He whispered “I’m a drink away”
There is always some way to find me

Or maybe it was the heartbreak
Of daydreams that will never come true
Manifestations of karmic revenge
And Illusions reflecting on the big blue

And yet, my heart as dead as I thought him
Would weep at the neglect I had shown
No one to hand him to on a platter
No one to place him on a thorne

The lack of love is like dying fire
On an early morning dewy campfire
You have to learn to say goodbye
To prayers you had only admired

Window shopping in the halls of christ
As I ask him about where I’ll go in my next life
He tells me, you’ll just have to wait and see
When you once again,
Can hear the echos of the sea