when you’ve got nothing to say
to a man who can give you the day
in the palm of his hands
he bears for you alchemy rains
you look like a fool
when you mumble and drool
caught within his gaze
his words an unconventional school
the institution of his mind
is of an extraordinary kind
with chapter-less books
He will take you for a ride
his spinning wheel turns words to gold
pouring vocabulary into the next mold
sculpting alphabetic statues
for his peasant twin flame to hold
I’m stoned on Socratese
all his angelic prophecies
Descartes, Hume and Locke
The messiah “esse is percipi”
mere mortal in the presence of a god
lock jaw sets in, my mind is in awe
I kneel before his merciful grace
In him I see absolutely no flaws
his heart beats young, his thoughts are old
on the edge of the earth, he will take hold
of your hand, just as you slip
out of your mind and into the heart of his home
so what gifts you give a man
that speaks “I think, therefore I am”
your heart wrapped and mummified
hidden in pyramids in the deserts of Sudan
He’s a ruler of ancient Kushite kingdoms
but his desired slave, he offers her freedom
hidden in modern CL hieroglyphics
as all he’s ever wanted was her with him
and have they really reached the end
like children together, they play pretend
loving each other with the purest of their heart
until their demise and together they descend