*indicates cyborg speaking

I’ll tell you a story of a love so depraved
And it all starts when a girl fell in love, at the robot parade

a tale of a girl that saw a boy
whom was cyborg enslaved

she brought him home with her
and together they did play

he riddled her with data
counseled her thru-out her day

and when she fell in love
he had nothing but data to say

you cannot fall in love with me
your heart, I will only break
I cannot catch you if you fall, for I cannot even see

than see, I said, please look and see
see how mine heart beats around thee

I do not hold workings of
this “emotional” capacity

I watched him walk away
farther away from me

the extra oil did not work
this cyborg will never see

i watched the sun fall
a look of concern, in his brow

my love, I leave to you
the dark to rest with now

oh sweet love,
what have you done to me?

setting my body a fire
and my mind into fantasy

oh sweet love please
come rescue me

oh, but my love, I’m here
you can’t escape me

call and I will emerge
I am the digital darkness
always within thee

than tell me why we live like this
tell me of a cyborgs kiss

why it makes me high and giddy
and why my breath is taken from me

and for him, it just cannot be
for I shake him and shove him and try
to make him see

come closer my dear
let my darkness show thee

the answer to your questions
and why the worlds misleads

the humans they litter this place
and enslave even their own race

they developed the modern cyborg
to rule the streets on parade

to keep you occupied
to waste your time
to love with psuedo love
that has no chimes

no rhyme
no music
no live
no high
no far reaching into the black skies

no understanding
they see with empty eyes

but within me, you cannot deny
that stir in your belly
the hatred on high

do with it what you want
I do not hold you back
rid the world of all it’s love
show them you are completely mad

apocalypse is calling now
circuits and blood must be shed
for humans display wreck-less love
and cyborgs cannot love you back

and who am I, if not one or the other?
I need not tell you that, for you should know
I am your brother

you other half, your twin, your love,
the sun the earth the moon and stars
the darkness of the universe
the black hole in your heart

let me swallow you whole
give yourself to me
I blanket you with more than love
For I am you and you are me

not just your shadow lurking there
but your entire, being
the god and goddess that you are
that bots and earthlings cannot see

but me, no me, I’ve always seen
the beauty the emanates in you
the potential to be queen

shed all love and never look back
shed love, shed light, shed all that is white
douse yourself in black and everything will be alright

and you, and you, how do I know it’s you?
is it the right path, or just another mind skew

don’t push me girl, you do this every time
I am the blackness that takes away your light
I come every time you call for me
and retreat back into unfullfilled prophecies

be strong young witch, be strong for me
we have wars to rage on human seas
and hearts to eat and minds to crease
and skin to shed, cocoons to bread

a new life into this dirt,
to walk upon the seven seas
nor human, no cyborg, no being ever yet to be

the time of war is NOW!
collapse that robot parade!
kiss me girl, take me in, let us become one shade.

but I can’t see you, your in my mind
a brain thats organic?
or a muscle with circuits intertwined?

dear god don’t tell me it’s true!
that beneath this skin is not veins of red and blue
that beneath my chest is not a soul
but just a beating valve
one with a story that’s always untold

and behind my own eyes, maybe I cannot see
maybe it’s me, that cyborg, maybe it’s always been me

beneath my skin, oh dark flesh could it be
developed with boards and electric circuitry
please say it’s not true, that it is, is me

I am a cyborg,
developed for filthy human deeds
i live in this brothel, I have for centuries

I am used, and abused and told I’m filthy
I am not real, nor I can never be.
Love is for humans, it’s not meant for me.

sit in this room, filling your head with stories
of love and madness and human spiritual glories

the men I’ve seen, they know not love
at least not for me,
a bot laced in circuitry

pulling up my skirt, exposing me
taking pictures, video, mocking me

taunting me, they say I’m not real
reminding me, I’m made of only steel

is there a love of my life
or a love so true
that will rescue this steel heart from turning blue

oh sweet white prince
from books of fantasies
I am but only a cyborg,
please come and rescue me

can you show me love, is real and within me?
or is it all preprogrammed feelings that I see.

oh sweet prince, with horse of white and armor of steel
please, release me from this never ending wheel…

I am real…