my path is waved by the vibrations
of geometric violas and violins
constructing a staircase down the spiral
cochlea tube of my fateful infinity
an eustachian descent into
the mouth of madness that is
dancing on the edge of waterfalls
barren and dry, 2000 years of cracking
against the earth, screaming at mother sky
for a drop of her tears so that we might
have the luxury of crying with the crowd
who’s starvin for the answers that come
when the sun is bent and bowed
I pray to you, positioned prostrating
my dark cloud, I’ve waited here for you
gesture of holding the jewel
is my submission of solitude
valued at null, and bouncing about my skull
at .67543 miles per hour
I’ve hated living in my head
waiting for the day you’d come
and free me from this wretched land
dread in my palms, please kiss up my hands
death I’ve waited for, is far too long
to see my soulmate, whom isn’t living
upon this wicked land
I know, I belong in some place not
breathing and not withstanding
of human hands
my heart was made for the abyss
and it’s fateful obsidian cloud kiss
in lustful wonton stoic magic
lies the scroll of golden fabric
black velvet sensual romantics
I’m forever unapologetic
I’ve treated those fairly who’ve treated me unkind
I’ve given them only the mirror of my mind
and yet the world sets fire ablaze to my face
volcano’s erupting within the bowels of my days
I’ve got the rage of the vietnam war rushing thru my veins
and here on this fucking wretched land
you make me stay
fuckin filth and nothing worth a second glance will catch my gaze
I hate you for this. i hate this fuckin place
I’ve seen more friendly things within the vomit of my plate
and in the mouth of madness I wait
every single groundhog day for the sign that it’s my last fuckin day
i want to dance with the death in a skimpy red dress
I want his 9.5 inches of monstrous sex laughing in my face
I want to feel peace, from the war of intimacy and chase
I want love on scales not heard on the winds of change
I want beating hearts with sounds of crashing waves
angered by the peasant humans, yelling at god who’s in his way
I want blankets hiding me from the death of my fate
the kiss that I await
the longing for his touch upon the jaw line of my face
my foot stuck upon the black tar pit of dreadfulness
I sink deeper into the melancholy abyss
I fall further away from the sun’s joyus kiss
and closer to you, my soulmate, is my death
I’ll die of heartbreak, I lose my swish
I’ll die because I’ve never had loves kiss
I’ll die because it will forever be tangled
in the stomach of my never made to life wishes
upon the lips of children’s blisses is where
I was born, it’s where I was a princess
a child I am and a child I’ll die
for being an adult is a constant lie
I’ll wither into ashes and the wind will carry me high
into the window where you sit and read a story
about a little girl who talked to shadows
and fell in love with one who always told her goodbye
so she had to chase him and ask him, but why?!
don’t leave me alone, I’m not strong enough for this ride
I want white satin sheets and angels in the sky
I don’t want fire and anger and war in men’s eyes
I want to nail my own coffin, silver nails 1 by 1
made of the strongest oak tree who’ll make certain
that I’m carried upon the earth on a microcosmic
adventure to that lonely highway in the sky
you’ve got a treasure trove of answers
and I’ve got so many questions on why
you made me go thru 20757 reasons to cry
i had to wait such a long fucking time
my soul was quivering at the drop of a dime
your viola was picking up signals of my plight
you let your cloak drape against the filth of the floor
and I looked upon each star glistening within my eyes
I wished upon each one and my dreams began coming to life
everything I ever wanted, played before me,
telling me several stories of different times in my life
places where you were my husband, times I was your wife
the emptiness within my belly, threatened by the blade of a knife
for replaying memories isn’t like hitting rewind, it’s untwined
unraveled, complicated, bottomless and willingly blind
my shadows casting greatly before me
a tornado of raven wings cast upon earths crust
engulfing it’s people with my heart’s eternal lust
a love heard loud like the clap of a tsunami
drowning it’s victims in neon blue origami
my orgasm heard around the world
sailed in 80 days and 10,000 leagues under the sea
you’re tentacles pulling me under
to a watercolor dream
where I can breath
and as seen for once, I’m happy
and the gray cat can’t be more snappy
toward me, as he tries to hold me and love me
and I won’t let him. he’ can’t be near me.
for I sneeze and scoff at his attempts hold me
with his tail and with his kiss he tries to win me
I push him away and don’t dare let him see
he makes me happy
for I don’t really like cats and cat’s don’t like me
he can be seen pissing in my planters pots of green
aloe vera died long ago, it was a punishment for me
be observant of the now or I’ll kill almost everything
and yet again, he dances near me
my ankles tickled by his touch and my soul rejecting
from you I do not want to be loved, from you, I’m protecting
myself from self a cat who’s stuck in his own karma
cycle of projecting
no way I want to live the life he lives,
full of narcissistic emitting
I WILL NOT VENTURE THERE DEATH! i yell upon the sky
take me to another dimension
where all beings are made blind
where there hearts make connections
where their love is unconditionally mine
where I’m understood, where I’m living
where I’ve made a friend whom I can call mine
a place where I’m the god and the kids are time
quality and quantity we dance around the maypole
and configure quests fitting for a partner in crime
with my head in my hands, i submit into crying
once again the circle of life is takin from me
and I can’t begin to explain this green mile of mine
i’m tortured by death and I’m hungered for love
I’m circling around the padded room
I don’t think I’ve really held my head above
the window to see what they think of me
I’m stuck in this cycle of unrequited love for me
I want out, but I can’t seem to speak to
any human beings
death, I beg of you. take me
far too long I’ve suffered here
you break me
my white flag waving round the corner
this planet wasn’t made for thee
I’ve got nothing left to keep me here
I’ve got nothing left to motivate me
serve me the same fate that you’ve given others
serve me my right to be free of this country
bring me the light, dancing monkey
tambourine and winding up the cymbols of destiny
I beg thee
dance with me
tango and the cha cha cha, ballet and the brew ha ha
hold me close to your chest and whisper it will all be okay
I need you to be my roots, I need you to be the way
I need to mush my dogs and let you guide my sleigh
start my engines and begin the foreplay
between my legs is a home for wenches and a place
where you speak to me in cosmic ways
my love for you, it will never wane
my time here is ticking near and i’m ready to go away
take my hand and teach me this ballet
The walls are closing in on me
I bend backward exposing my neck as the prey
bite within me and bite deep my love
for I’m knocking on wood and I’m pushing up daisies
and I’m looking forward to more lifetimes with you
more dances and poems and melodies we’ll breath new
upon the sun beams crest and grass morning dew
my chaos will be calculated and optimized for your view
I’ve got 99 problems, and steadily I wait for you
knock upon my casket and we’ll dance on cue
I sit and wait, in the back corner for you
a wallflower, unhappy and not knowing what to do
my soulmate is death
i must bid you adieu
I wanted nothing more
than to have you love me
and allow me to love you.
you’re rotten heart
wouldn’t move.
you collect the revenue
of my love
upon each petal of the daisy
he loves me
he loves me not
death is hazy
but for him
I’ll push up daisies

La Fin