When I think about him and know he’s near
It brings a light tickle to my ears

I feel loved when I know he’s around
Unconventional, yes, it’s very profound

Listening to his scholarly tongue
feeling wet by the fantasies unsung

Looking at his lips, I want to bite
suck and lick and make him mine

The gaze in his eyes, turn me to stone
powerless and weak down to my bones

I say I quit when I don’t get my way
but his magnetism grabs me night and day

he calls me pet names, which I’ve never been called before
It makes me feel like becoming his wet hot, full time whore

My insides churn and yearn for his touch
but he thinks sometimes I desire too much

but these feelings I can’t put aside any longer
I need him inside me so we both can be stronger

what more does he want from me, i just don’t know yet
perhaps I’m not ready to be his submissive little pet

or perhaps he needs me to be woman enough
catch him in riddles and call him on his bluff

I really don’t know, the games are so complex
One thing that’s for certain, I need his fucking sex