I have a heart, it is for sale.
it’s price is only love

it’s looking for it’s puzzle piece
who fits it like a glove

sitting here since 8am
this garage sale is too slow

window shoppers who don’t buy
get back in their cars and go home

i have a heart, it is for sale
won’t you come take a look

it’s pretty used and a bit abused
but a fascinating old story book

for my heart comes with many tales
and 100,000 smiles

my heart is larger than a whales
and would walk infinite miles

for a stranger in another land
to feel it’s musical beat

to wake the dead up from the land
and kiss a devils damned feet

my hearts for sale, it’s wants a home
but who will take her in?

it beats, but is expiring
more losses than more wins

have we reached, la fin?