Moonstruck at 11pm
Mentally deranged I am
holding my heart in my hands
naivety of a snow white lamb
naked on the shores of the sand
I whisper sonnets to my future man

hear me, oh hear me, I know you can!
follow the vibrations of my conversations
thru these dented and frayed telephone tin cans
hello hello, my love, hello?
for thousands of years, I’ve called hello
and I know one day you’ll answer

I’m moonstruck and love drunk
on a future we are suppose to have
a love so strong mere mortals can not stand
mentally deranged I am, they claim I am!
I know i am, and my heart burst like the cannons
I am not normal, they throw stones, I grow cold
and I fear to let them know, so my love hides in the shadows
and I hide there, morse code and american sign language
my love you must know the tune? I am a loon, it’s true, it’s true

but you know what? i’m a loon for you
I was made for you
and my love will one day find you.
you were made for me
my pocket watch destiny
I pulled you out a thousand times
but the hands stopped working
tick tock, tick tock, tick tock
cmon cmon, why won’t you work?
my love, my heart, my one
perhaps I tell time by the dials of the sun
the shadows on the ground
and my heart you have not found
I cannot figure out your arrival
I pace and pace and fall in deep sleep
to dream of ways to find thee

come find me