My head is low
the sky is high
catch my eyes creeping by

staring past the moonlights cast
pondering how big and vast
it must be to explore
it’s world

I think my mind has gone a whirl.

my tongue is tied
my mind is fried
so he tells me that he is so blind
to see that I really am kind, and caring, and honest
and I would go the farthest to prove to you
my heart is true

can you not see how I’m so blue?
because of you?
I have to prove, my mind is set on just you.

my head is low
the sky is high
catch my stare creeping by

crawling its’ way to your eyes
smack you once, smooch you twice
then you melt and say, how nice

but wheres the proof?
in my eyes! in my heart and in my mind.
explore me, swoon me, don’t tell me lies

and you will read from my book
that I’m not here just to hook
you from the pond, then throw you back
I’m here to keep you in my sack.
don’t try to assume, cause you don’t know jack.

you’re cute, you’re funny, you’re just what I need
a partner with heart
maybe a partner with weed
just trust me and you will get a life
with love you’ll never regret

don’t think I’m a creep
well, maybe I’m a nut
but you chased me
don’t worry, we’ll have fun