Maybe He Doesn’t Remember
All the times I measured his spine with my fingers
while he lay asleep with his back facing me
and I dove deep within his chi
and rooted myself within him
for the sole purpose
when we would part
I’d again be able to find him
I’d close my eyes and hold him tight
cause I never wanted to lose him
every breath he would exhale,
I’d inhale and be drunk of him
and the fragrance of his skin
lingered on my fingers and I’d
lick them till my lips would become swollen
cause memories of him, still live on my shins
like when he’d lick my toes, ankles and knees
with that big playful grin
that put my gaze into a carousel spin
cause he’s got that element born within
that tugs at my core
whispering at me that I need more
warning me to memorize all parts of him
but not that parts I see, only the parts I feel
cause then my mind would remember
that this man was once real
and whithin his soul lies all my zeal
he is the greatest love of my life
and my job was not only to be his wife
it was to be his personal guide,
I was to be his secret guise
My heart was to be a place only he could hide
because I was meant for loving him
I found the one that needs me
from behind a screen, or or behind a stream
I sit and I remember all those dreams
of when him and I did nothing other than believe
in one another and our potential to bleed
the genius that sits dormant like a seed
but wihtout me he cannot succeed
and without him I cannot fuckin breath
so calling all the stars from the sky
you told me to watch over this guy
regardelss if he pushes me away
my heart and soul is always a place for him to stay
because he doens’t remember, but I fuckin do
all the the lifetimes I said “I do”
in english and spanish and with a digeradoo
our love has been sung in hi frequency blue
it was mapped out with algebreic equations
and he could not solve them, so he did evade them
but my dreams showed me the formula
and I’m riddled in a corner tying to solve this love
cause he doesn’t remember, I’m sent from above
to cure him of his dimentia, cause it’s the same in me
he’s forgotten all the my story books
and love poems I’ve written while at sea
that boasted of my love for him
the man who’s never seen me
my mission is to always remind him
that within him, lies all the strong parts of me
cause when I see him smile
I remember when we would play
his laugh would make my skin crawl
I had to remember, I’ll lose this one day
So categorize and count all the smiles on his face
and dont’ forget those times that upon your heart he traced
the songs he wrote for you
and lyrics to help you find him one day
cause he’ll sing about the sun, and you’ll know he is your one
and he’ll be looking for the girl who’s dead upon the lawn
cause inside him he knows, his music will wake her soul
and he’ll set out to save her, but why he will not know
it’s her duty to help him remember
he did the job of finding her
and even if they can’t be together
she’ll spend her days writing countless letters
so that her love will one day come get her
because she sits and thinks to herself
maybe he doesn’t remember
when eskimo kisses made her surrender
the palm of his hand was ever so tender
he cupped her face, told her to remember
that he does fuckin love her
that he won’t ever forget her
that no matter where he goes
he’ll always look for her
that she’ll have to be patience
because he’s a great pretender
and we might not always be one in each life
but goddamit, you have always been my wife
and I’ll be damed if I can’t find you
to awaken your parts that bind us as two
to remind you, to help me remember
that your hand in my hand is nothing but splendor
the feeling of home, was your head on my chest
the proof I needed that time does not exist
we could find each other in a endless abyss
if I lost you and I heard it was me that you miss
I will find you eons from now
and you’ll never be lonely when I hear your calls
with the air on my tongue and my finger to the winds
upon great seas I’ll sail to you with my ship
and my map in my hand and my scope on my hip
you’re going to say my name upon those lips
cause baby, in every life, it’s me you that you’re with
in heart and in soul, I won’t let you forget
to help me remember
our dancing duet
of all those times we played suicide roulette
and all the times we’ve not payed for our sins
our karma is the prison we are fuckin stuck in
and getting out is a fantastical challenge
maybe next time, we’ll get it right
and drop some of our baggage
maybe next time I can call you my queen
and you can look up to me as your reining king
and I’ll make you proud baby, I swear I will
and this great pretender, one day I’ll kill
cause that guy just isn’t me
an empty shell thats a fuckin phoney
woman, I’m the fuckin emperor
and one day I’ll bring you pearls
to prove i’m worthy of your love
and we’ll fly high to andromeda
I’m fuckin drunk, it’s a messy poem
and I can’t seem to remember
12:30am and i’m bout to surrender
but first I gotta say one more thing
You have always been my handsome king
no matter the rags you wear today
I see that man I’ve loved since yesterday
I feel him from thousands of lightyears away
and my heart doesn’t lie, my loyalty won’t stray
till the day I die, I’ll continue to write my letters
because maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t remember