In my bed I toss and turn
in my head I pine and yearn
in my heart I seek to learn
how to win your heart

In your eyes, I feel the burn
under your wing, just like a bird
I snuggle, hidden from the world
and pray we never part

but when we do, my hearts in two
my hands reach out to find, no you
my pillow is no substitute
to guard me in my dreams

my savior, on my walls I drew
memories of grey and blue
narratives you read in hues
illustrations of moonbeam

in the dark I’ve whispered, I love you
to the sun I’ve yelled, how do you do?
do you wish to bid me adieu?
or lift me up to seraphims?

i pray to angels up above
won’t you carry to him, my love?
I want this destiny, you write of
how do I make him mine?

and so I pine, I drink and pine
and wonder how I make him mine
impress him with my heart divine
the greatest treasure I hold tight

and so I write, sit here I write
in the middle of the winters night
holding back with all my might
my urge to make you mine

all the secrets in my mind
urging for you to seek and find
my soul that is a tangled shrine
won’t you take my heart

and on my knees I give to you
this muscle that’s beaten and a little blue
resuscitation I think I need from you
to save me from this dark

I am a writer, I’ll make him mine
I’ll feed to him my cherry pie
and type away, I sit and pine
the words that suffocate my mind

I’m always thinking, always seeking
this older man is definitly peaking
oh and how the god’s like to tease me
when they made his face so damn fine

hands so strong and silky like wine
my infatuation I desperately hide
under the covers, I’m cool, I’m fine
he won’t notice, I shake

I can act as calm as a placid lake
but I’ve never been good at being fake
and before me is such a juicy steak
I need to make him mine

bursting at the seams, my heart is
fantasizing how I could be his
could he fit my puzzle pieces?
or does he not?

whats the word up on the block?
does he love me, or does he not?
he has become my weakest spot
exposing my heart

tick tock, tick tock

make him mine