My heart swallows me whole at 2am
Awake and laying restless in my bed
Visions of what could be, flood my mind
Knowing him and I are two of a kind

Gripping my pillow, fetal position
Trying to imagine, the scent of him
wearing nothing but panties
and a smile on my face
I think, of him

You write music? Lyrics? She says
Yeah have a listen, so he sends
5 songs he wrote from his youth
And pictures of him singing in a booth

She blushes and listens to the words in his mind
some make her laugh, her affections unwind
I need to know more!! her heart skips a beat
What’s your favorite color?, favorite food? favorite meat?

She looks at his pictures and drops to her knees
heart in her mouth, complete brain freeze
Pictures his jaw resting in the palm of her hands
Butterfly kisses for this most amazing man

Resting her head on his chest, she listens
his mind in a daze and her eyes start to glisten

spinning rare stories he writes just for her
drowning her in verses like well aged liquor
she gets drunk off his mind, so mysterious and deep
in vast unknown places he sweeps her off her feet

with a pen in one hand and while biting his lips
he thinks of what he should write to her next

so he studies her, analyzes, hour by hour
concocting wonderful masterpiece digital flowers

he’s her Shakespeare, her knight, a man on his knees
begging for love on the cool beaches breeze

what kind of feelings can he evoke from her?
unraveling her brain is his constant endeavor

the attention she get’s is foreign to her
all she knows is this mundane life in a blur

Just like her poem, she wrote of the sun
he rises and sets, and brings her childlike fun

She can’t deny what she feels when she looks in his eyes
He’s made from parts given from the gods in the skies

All that is ever on his mind
Make her mine…