Why do I have this unbearable pain?
Why do I die more each day?
Where is the light, the sun and the stars?
Why was I born in this grave?

The angels told me God won’t come,
You’re all alone today.
The tears you cry will never be heard,
You’re here on earth to stay

What have I done?!
Why aren’t you here?
I have no wings to fly away
This place smells putrid and burns my eyes
And now I’m here to stay

Turn your back on me if you must
My spirit grows blacker each day
The human’s minds are made of rust
The time will come when havoc will rain

Human essence is vanishing
Before a pot of gold
Lust is but a luxury,
For taking human souls

Wrap their minds in misery,
And tell them all is well
Drape their hearts with capes of hate
And start the line to hell

Again I scream into the night
You turned your back on me
Your precious rotten children
All now belong with me

Take a ticket to the carnival
And you will see
The freak you twisted into a
Shape Of loneliness is me

And so I stay here on this earth
For all eternity
With zombies crawling on the land
And monsters just like me

The only thing you must realize
Is that they choose to be
In the circus of my mind
Where I offer blood for free

Free of your counterfeit love
Love I have yet to see
Why do they deserve any of it?
When all you’ve done is ignore me

I detest coming from your womb
A womb so empty and dry
I am but a fallen angel,
Once loved by all up high.

I am the morning star
Won’t you join me in this line?
To turn you’re back on god
A god who never heard your cries

Well I hear you, and I am here
Let’s dig a grave of gore
We’ll bury our souls in spite of god
And watch the apocalypse of horror