Perhaps you wonder why I become so entrapped within your gaze.

Stupefied, I am. Your beauty is a sight from which I cannot look away.

From the moment you took my hand, is where our adventure begins.

And I try to catalog every moment, like a book I’m reading aloud. Living. Breathing in.

Such a mysterious story you paint for me, that I can’t myself believe I’m in.

A walk upon a path with you, amid the rivers and waterfalls misting my skin.

My eyes adorn you. Sitting above me, leaning back in on the grassy knoll.

I bow my head as your aura takes upon me a great spiritual toll.

My belly aghast at the sight of your smile. My hands tremble in your heat.

My being enlightened by the firm touch of your hands on my feet.

A touch I’ll know later, to be sensual and seductive. Against my peach.

But not before you’ve prepared my heart to be tied to this invisible leash.

Each time we play, it’s been your well constructed thought out day.

Almost like a presentation laid out for me to wonder. To be impressed by.

And that I always am.

A cup of warm coffee french pressed for my morning cold hands.

I sip of your affection between my lips, you kneel before me and my heart expands.

Speaking in that unwavering tone that sets my belly ablaze within.

Unable to focus on your words. Half the time wishing I could put you on mute.

For the words of Lucifer spill the absolute truth.

From his mouth I see drooling lies. He spills the stories of mankind.

He speaks of all the earths women for which daily he pines.

Reminding me to stay clear of him, and never try to make him mine.

But I’ll relish on the side salad and soup you’ve allowed me.

Not being your main course, gives me a place of solitude and safety.

But still I cannot help but wonder, what it’s like to be his #1 baby.

oh, it’s within your eyes, I want to lie. Forever, for our moment in time.

Whispering your desires and prophecies into me should be a crime.

The affection and hospitality you serve unto me is near divine.

Sadistically so. Like lemons and limes. It’s sour. But fine.

Water prepared on a coaster. A placemat ready for my seating.

A dab or two later, we’re wet in the tub, my pussy and heart beating.

Rhythmically to the dance he’s been developing for me.

Crash bang! My nervous heart can be seen in pieces all over the floor.

Lucifer of light, gets mad nevermore.

It’s okay girl. He says to me. Caressing me sweetly. It’s okay.

He sweeps up all the pieces and holds me all night, so that I’ll never feel afraid.

And on brunch dates, it’s Super Nintendo day!

Crowned with a set of headphones and told to arch forward and lay still.

Pay no attention to the demon behind you and with that game improve your skills!

Spreading my legs, bending my knees. Skirt up and a mirror to the right.

I see Lucifer enter me and my thighs shining the reflection of sunlight

My dress pulled above my back. and my bottom firmly and erotically slapped

Pay attention girl! Stop looking abound! The game is where your attention should be found.

My desires stirring strongly within. I’m weakened. My knees are giving in.

Alerted by another slap and he’s now losing patience.

Assuming the position failed and now he’s lost all interest.

Bad girl. I give you dick and you spoil it because you can’t listen.

He shakes his head at my attempts to ask him to for forgiveness.

I’m ushered into another room, so that I may pay the price.

a long strong dick down my throat, while looking him in the eyes.

oh no baby, why no tears, why don’t you cry? let me see you one more time!

and down my throat he slides. he glides. and I’m reminded he’s not mine.

The chapel laid before me he’s designed. For all the girls he wines and dines.

Tortured by his samples of love. The scent amongst his chest imprinted on my mind!

Everything he’s done for me has been his well practiced elaborate design.

A romantic playroom in his labyrinth, with Lucifer the divine.

Making love with the fallen angel, blew my mind.

From kissing my toes. To spitting on me from behind.

His hands seem to understand me, better than I know my own design.

Stroking my senses and solving my complex pleasures so I can unwind.

I crave to give myself to him. Let him play rubix cube with my brain.

This incredible heaven like pleasure is worth all the pain.

He is an all encompassing technicolor light show from which I can’t look away.

His soul fills up the sky! Flickers within me and makes me feel galactic.

This creature whom I’ve never before met, is truly made of magic.

You are made of blazing fire and tormented rain.

As the rain I dance drenching myself naked in the well of your domain.

As fire I walk over and thru you absorbing your powers and your strength.

You’re a tornado that lifts me into ecstasy and throws me back to the ground again.

Disheveled and confused. Mind racing, thoughts dancing and my pussy is wet.

My tender heart is shallow and deathly afraid.

Made speechless by my heart choking on your chains.

Just remember the good things. Like scooter adventures and ethiopian cuisine.

Like homemade cocktails and orange juice with champagne.

Like the time he fell face first into the pavement, to remind you he’s a human being.

And even humility can’t cloak him for long, as he’ll jump right back on the pussy wagon again.

Forbidden thoughts swimming the caverns of my curious mind.

And next time you see me entrapped in your gaze and stupefied.

Perhaps now you need not wonder, so curiously why.

I’m stoned on lucifer, his presence makes me tremble.

I have never been so lucky as to dance with the devil.

The angels play romantic sonnets while drafting our biblical hymns.

The most delicious treasure you will ever know, will be him.

Lucifer, a gift from god. To women.