At the beginning of time, we were one
one motion like a pendulum wave
all our atoms and the stardust in our souls 
moving to the beat of one note, one symphony

Somewhere along the way of space and time
in between the creation of man
planets old and new, supernovas and comet trails
Our synchronicity was interrupted and disturbed

and for years the gravity that once 
pulled our atoms in one motion
was adversely effected by the moon
we began to split and evolve on our own

you there, me here is where we landed
out of sync, at what seems to be the wrong time
but a Pendulum wave, doesn’t live in chaos forever
eventually, they learn each others symphony 
They dance on the trebles clefs and harmonies
of what they once remembered they were
A beautiful ensemble of instruments, made over eternity

Will it take weeks? Years? or another lifetime?
It’s hard to say as every time a pendulum wave is disturbed
the timing it takes to get in sync is always different
but one thing that is for certain, they will one day be atune

A Pendulum wave, you and I
Meant to be, eventually

Youtube ID: YhMiuzyU1ag