Left Hand Covering My Left Eye
Is how I have to look at your photos

slowly separating my fingers into a “V”
so I can take a peek from in between

cause looking directly at you
sends my heart into rapid beating
to a sensual rhythm I would much rather drink of
from the palm of your hands

I conscientiously always stop my breath
as if taking in air will ruin this moment for me somehow
but really it’s just those eyes
that dig themselves deep down inside of me
leaving me breathless

as I admire a work of art
chiseled perfectly
from head to toe

know one knows
my woes
like you

know one flies
thru time
as you do

spinning records
and spitting out lyrics
and rhymes
turning sound into fire
a symphony
inside my mind
you lie

and in your eyes
i see mine
causing my left hand
to cover my left eye

have you
got me
so hypnotized

on that top shelf drink
called you

I bid you
my muse

parting is such sweet sorrow