In all his flaws, I saw only beauty
I took awe and delight, In his lunacy
He tore down walls, and exposed my dark places
draped me in passion and spoon fed me cruelty

He made this strong woman, weak in the knees
Clocks kept ticking, but time stood still for him & me
I tripped and fell into his fantasy wonderland
Enchanted by sonnets written for thee, teehee!

His aroma lingers on my bed pillow
causing me to throb and awaken below
Kissing my hand as if they were his lips
A fool for love is what I have become, alone

Always fantasizing of his eyes meeting mine
And when the souls meet each other, do they rhyme?
The man with a thousand masks for the world
Will he ever allow me to take a peek behind?

A best friend I found in him
a lover, a brother, partner in crime
devil with a grin
this man is my twin
and our flames still burn brightly within

la fin