what are the ingredients for love?
I guess like each food you intend to cook,
it’s different with each person
and just what is it that draws me into into his dish?
what are the ingredients that make him?
the scents that draw me in?
the colors that catch my eye?
perhaps it could be,
i feel in my belly
his smile tugging down my on my heart
a blushing fool
in this bottomless pool
dripping into his abyss
and his lips I just LOVE to kiss
to kiss him, is to taste of milk chocolate
a pure serotonin rush
my bosom faints
as his fingers trace
inside the palm of my hand
and I don’t want the night to end
I’ve got to help these flavors blend
and taste him before the dawn
he’s delectable, sensual and strong
and I love the sound of his song
and I’m in fear when his eyes catch me
drinking him in, my head in a spin
he’s one damn sexy hallucinogen
a complete slave around him
take me and do with me what you will
tower above me and be still
hold your hand to my heart and listen
a few ingredients I bestow, have risen
are we the main course, or dessert in your vision?
regardless, you have called to my submission
to serve you, my sweet cherry pie
his hands kneading my thighs, I quiver
he stirs himself inside me, i shiver
and I become drunk from his liquor
I melt before green eyes
I let out a satisfied sigh
the timer has gone off
I’m lost inside my mind
Ingredients for Love
He’s got