You and I will reach new highs
sharing truths, undressing lies

sharing the juices from our wrists
licking out the honey from my slit

swallowing your depth into my core
whisper in my ear, that i’m your whore

cause this is what were were born for
worlds collide, devil open the door

fullfill all my darkest desires
throw gasoline on our fires

take me under your wing
let me service my god, my king

marinating for 69 days
ripe flower is ready for your play

use me, abuse me, throw me away
send my heart and soul into a haze

I give the last of my beating heart to you
devour me, empower me, the time is due

send me to my grave from here
with orgasm reflecting in the mirror

and heights enchanted by your touch
breathless underneath your clutch

give me all of you, I give you all of me
apocalypse now is my gift to thee

undress you from the waist down
push inside me let me drown

on your honey, golden and pure
your eyes you use, your sexual lure

dripping sweat all down my thigh
your saliva in my mouth is like wine

my breast inside your mouth so wide
in this darkness is where you and I hide

from my palm you feast upon my heart
I watch in agony, you tasting of my tart

red love racing down your neck
where I’ve marked my beast of 666

summon the darkness, swallow the light
two lovebirds cooing in the dead of night

the moon reminds me of our love, once was
so pure and bright, on a pedestal up above

but my love was tattered, torn and shred
mingled with the demons inside your head

for my love is but one, not enough to spread
it was once for you, that I would have bled

now love is gone, been put to bed
who am i? the decaying dead

back to square one, where did we begin?
ah, when you whispered I love you, upon my skin

and filled me with the heavens so bright
and all I became, was walking light

angel I once was, your lips proclaimed
no longer am I her, fists of fury in pain

my muse, my swish, my sun
squeeze me tight till I have no love

to offer a single soul on earth
for our son will soon be birthed

to rule the sky and the universe
to load up zombies in the hearse

to darken the skys with just one verse
i can no longer love, for you have hurt

My heart.

Within my darkest desires.