I fantasize…
oh how I fantasize. Under the covers of my bed.
And in those fantasies, my legs straddle you as we are face to face
your finger slips into my woman hood oh so slowly, teasing me
but just before you enter me
you talk dirty to me, and I look down as my face is on fire, resting my forehead on
the tip of your nose, and your lips graze my eyelashes as you ask me
“do you want me inside you? do you like me inside you, do you like the way I make you feel”
and my bosom falls and rises like a volcano churning underneath the surface of the earth
his placid voice, pauses my soul
I am enchanted, I am high, I am in love
this man is irresistible to me
he is incredible
and deadly handsome
his eyes and stare just blind me, I dare not look at his photos too long or I might disappear
I forget that I’m here, when I see him
I forget who I am, and I only want to be his
he is my king
a king who treats me like his queen, his princess, his mistress
I need to slip inside his soul and hide myself there
from the world
and be his
for him, and him only
I glow pink
I gush
and disappear
falling into him
as one

il mio re, il mio cuore, il mio amore
il mio unico

ti voglio