his name is delectable
Respectable and Kind
the Ringmaster directing the circus in my mind

his softness is collectable
I pray upon his shrine
crooked halo on an angel, with the depth of red wine

unfolding all that’s skeletal
on my belly you will find
constellations of libra stars traced upon me from the sky

obscenely obsessional
inside and out I shine
delectable tongue on my petals, with tears of joy I do cry

lifts me high, ascendable
unraveling and unconfined
lift me from hell, resurrect me, save me, make me divine

demons stay descendable
in the wake of your suns incline
terrified of the light they shriek in the path of my holy guide

influence my confessional
arouse my sweet cherry pie
make me cry father, I bow my head, and I cry

impossibly unforgettable
stimulate my subconsience mind
bring me to my knees and undress me with your third eye

contortionist is flexible
cocoon me from wet to dry
no longer a slimy caterpillar, but now a butterfly

timid and highly sexual
the gaze of your eyes make me shy
caterpillar I still am, under the guise of this butterfly

unprofessionally suggestible
fool I have been for that boy
because his name is delectable and his intellect got me high

thirsty and unquenchable
ascension into his cloud nine
breathless as I pass the atmosphere, slowly I die

weak and indefensible
observe me metamorphosize
dracula’s sweet kiss awakens an immortal vampire

unapologetically intentional
how you’ve spun into my life
carving your last name into the core of my limp spine

impenetrable your testicles
hard cock can reach a mile
crooked head and wolfish eyes when you see mona lisa smile

youthfulness and temptable
taste of me with a splash of lime
carnivorous and craving, little red and her ride

bouncy and roastable
her rump is ripe within it’s prime
a sniff and a snuff and just a little lick of her thigh

simply incomprehensible
BAD DOG! She cries
his response, low and raspy, baby girl you are MINE