It’s bad enough, I fall asleep
with your messy hair inside my dreams
with the ghost of your scent lingering
on the edge of my slipping memories

its there I slide thru snapshots
of every moment you touched me
and my loins start throbbing
to release myself unto you

Hello Sun! You woke with me today
like everyday since I’ve gave myself to him
you remind me that the world went dim
and the only light I could see, is shown from him

Goodbye World, All you grey lifeless humanoids
have nothing on my angel, whom I uprooted from the void
I can’t even rhyme straight cause he’s got me twisted in the mind

but thats okay, cause when I think of him, i got a smile on my face
and I wish every word that came out of my mouth was his name
and my name, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

forgive me god, I know i’ve sinned
but thank you from the bottom of my heart
for sending him

thank you for the whisper of his voice
cast in the romantic candlelight
thank you for sending a MAN
with big strong hands
and a heart that’s made of gold
I am grateful, that he sees me
even if it’s just this moment in time

thank you for sending me an angel
how i dream he could be mine
his skin is delectable like wine
his laugh still lingers on my spine
and I replay that entire night
forwards and backwards in my mind
an insatiable school girl crush
on a man who makes me feel alive
and all night, I pretended he was mine, all mine
and god that boy is sooooo fine
he made me feel like I was a dime
piece, prime meat, lovelace and so pretty
he made me feel high
I was much obliged
he was far too kind
he made my belly wind
and he touched me like a shrine
he unraveled my vines
and kissed me in ways that made me shine
and days later, I sit here and pine
for a man who makes my heart divine
I want to shed these here horns
and grow wings so I can fly
with my angel, in the sky
I want to take his hands
and dive
into neverland with him

hello sun? Can you hear me now?
what’s it take to win his heart?
can you send to him the echos of the wind
which decode into all my fantasies of him
and let him know i’m here grinning and spinning
and dancing all night to songs of him
my dress, brushing the floor, fraying the trim
conjuring my soul to synthesis with his
can we align just right? could he be my twin?
the better half of me, my savior, my big win

or shall I say good bye world?
what if it’s not him?

my world would be grim, my world would go dim.
oh how i wish, how I wish it was him.
may I ever know love?
Spoken like Shakespearean Seraphim
Romantic, timeless, boundless
swallow me whole type love?
filling me up and then tucking me into
bed, after a long day, of reliving old stories
and paintings and poems and piano pieces
all revolved around my love for him
my love
for him

the man of my dreams, my one, my love, my heart, my swish
the mate of my soul
my fate

la fin