When I die, The coroner will say “heartbreak”
and my loved ones will surely feel the ache
because behind all the smiles I had for them
they knew my heart always cried out for one face
that man, whom was to be my soulmate
my fate

but someone didn’t get the memo
father time fucked up, the best hello
I write poem after poem and wallow
cause only he could ring my heart with a halo
walk chin up, strut my stuff, but my soul hangs low
I woe

The sandman did all he can
to deliver scotty my spirit telegrams
love songs thru string and telephone cans
any words that might make him open his hands
let me be his woman, and he could be my man
but he ran

I did not matter that I was his biggest fan
I did not mean anything at all to this man
he was my delectable pallet, I was too bland
in the middle of love, is where he left me stranded
empty handed

and for years I still gleam at his pictures
daydreaming of me sitting there with him
memories of us playing chess and checkers
and my face still fades when I open my PO BOX
and see, that he’s still not written me any letters
will he ever

does he know that I still pray
that all our sins could be washed away
and him and I could have just one day
to have fun like little kids and play
to kiss at dusk and hold his gaze
my hideaway

so every day, my heart does break
with every poem and keystroke I make
I feel my brain slip, my body ache
for my heart has lost its home
My soul, has lost it’s mate
my fate

she died of heartache
the coroner will say
and my loved ones will say
she wanted it that way
they will smile with dismay
i got my way

or did I?