Mayday, Mayday.
It’s me.
Red striped telephone can in one hand
and a picture of you in my dreams
Laughing and playing
in the kitchen while we cook
the memories that never were
taking over me
Ground control to major tom.
5 Years in and I’ve not yet made the discovery
of Love.
maybe just maybe
for me
it’s not meant to be
moon landing
flag waving and wagging
but the peanut gallery
doesn’t agree with me
I never made that mission
and it wasn’t lead by me
a fraud to the audience
yet a hero lives inside me
I saw that great blue sea
altocumulus clouds of reveries
doubting my own dam dreams
they tell me I never loved anything
I fell in love with a ghost
the ghost that lives within me
up on this moon, stars are glittering
Sound is absent, and I think clearly
It’s hard to see the soul of a poet
when you can’t operate the apollo
missions to moon aren’t for everyone
Ground control to major tom
you’re breaking up on me
and my helmet is fogged
a lovely day, my arteries clogged
my final breath waterlogged
gurgling on the the last words
I’m able to articulate for you
thank you for the ride
I’m grateful for the technicolor sights
thank you for the moment, I felt love
i’ve etched it on this here flag
for the whole earth to see
that my love is the most extraordinary
grand gesture of all human beings
it wasn’t returned
and nor do I plan to return
to a planet of unrequited dreams
I lay my head hear to rest
with my telephone tin can
in my hand
and my torn up self esteem
on the dark side of the moon
waiting to see a spectacular sunbeam
but alas, it’s just my luck
I’ll soon expire and pass
just as he’s lays his kiss in my path
taunting me and teasing me
with the tales of heaven’s wrath
I’m reminded
of the warmth I felt
thinking of the pulse
upon your mighty hands
of hands I’ve never grasped
but hands that I most wish I had
hands that could grasp mine
and walk me thru the pearly gates
of heaven and it’s kingdom so great
I whisper to you, I’m terribly afraid
and you say to me, it’s gonna be okay
it’s just another day
Love is on the other side
you just need to hold your breath
and wait.

Trust fate.