Tell me a story, sweet morning dove, my love
her fragile heart was heard to say, glub dub
a spark arose amid those archived ashes
where light grew faded, no need for matches

A result of some magick and rose colored glasses
rowing the tunnels of love we canoed on our passions
her red cheeks reheated, warm batting eyelashes
with a crowbar he came and pried open her nailed casket

with a medieval wood torch, he helped lit her way
heart embers swelled into a hellfire ablaze
unable to fight back, a deer caught in Dracula’s gaze
walls come crumbling down as he guides me thru his maze

lump in my throat, while his playful fingers graze
my collarbone and shoulder, intently eyeing me sideways
gravity weighing my soul, my knees start to give way,
a fool I am, trying to play with a mastermind at foreplay

Gazzelle caught in the death grasp of a lions snare
Paralyzed I am within his lustrous, hypnotizing stare
fear capes me in comfort, revealing its wear and tear
coming round full circle of regretting this love affair

pupils dilate, vampiric bite spins me to haze
fall down the rabbit hole, skies from white to grey
black surrounds me, the dark is where I’m made
shed my glowing cocoon to welcome in the nightshade

reincarnating, regenerating, walking on air
getting drunk on the path of his psychological warfare
makeing love with the universe, welcome in your new savior
Guzzled and gushing in the moonlight of this nightmare

my eyes fill to black, and my heart concaves
withering to his touch as I give myself away
devour my soul, carry me down the staircase
final destination in the catacombs we once played

Pulling me deeper into Dracula’s haze
My heart surrendered under his love struck gaze
cradled me in his wonder, swept me up within his cape
immortal time with my love, no longer able to escape

knee high murkey waters, encompass him and me
baptizing my mutations, drowning my histories
the bats fly high above and thru the cracks I do see
The dawn of day is peaking thru to welcome the new me

crust of the still dreary waters, silver lining so glittering
remind me of a life once lived, in constant aimless searching
my body sank into his hands, the raven was saw perching
“you have to die, to be reborn” dracula spoke while lurching

floating on love, gentle kiss of doom, a touch of fate
I fell for his spell and in his arms I disintegrate
I heard the dark whisper to me “give yourself away”
trust in the drug, don’t fight back, and you shall find the way

I fawn over him. A god within, watching the expression of his grin.
Stuck in this haze I cannot win. I’m powerless with surrender to the brim.
Soiled in my desire & wetness as I watch the sweat glim from him.
You are the one that I want. My Dracula. My death. My flamed twin.

Au Revoir to my past & history. For our love, Carpe diem.