Hello to the man whom makes my swiss cheese heart, swish with such anticipation of the waterfall of beauty that spills from his pallet. I rejoice in his aura which cloaks me wherever I roam. I walk a path of golden bricks with every word he writes, tapping my toes and wrinkling my nose and eyes smiling while a light inside fills me from the sight of him. Lying in my bed, pulling out his photos an admiring the man that he is. Knowing deep inside the sultry eyes lies a majestic wonderland. A playground where him and I hold hands. I simply blush and he sees and now hes making more plans, to play with me. More ways to make me weak at the knees. More ways to send orgasms thru my body. Putting his hands thru my heart to show me he’s godly. Seizing my mind, bringing life back to this zombie. Now tell me Ian, who are we? I say, with deep and whispered apprehension. Hes a treasured extension of me. And Im his annabelle lee. Edgar Allen Poe aint got nothing on my shakespeares in shackles, cause my nigga is chief of the wolves and he bout to eat all you jackles. Im smittin, sitting here sipping my rum and I gotta say, that boy is….mmmmmm mmm yummm.

A piece to my puzzle. The reason I cum. Love.