The time is getting nearer
when two souls join in the mirror
spiegel im speigal
and our purpose will be clearer

oh Dark One, Who’s heart is of the sun
are you meant to be my, one
please let it reign true
chords of the heart, the violinist strums

for when our eyes do copulate,
does the piano man begin to play
symphony of our eternity
charge within me, electric sun rays

will it feel as life began?
the day god created the land
the water, the earth and all the plants
and one woman and one man

will time cease to exist, so we can see
that you are my king and I am your queen
you and me against the world
casting fires upon the seas

of people who do not believe,
that I am you and you are me
that love is a magical entity
for evolutionary prohphesies

wars against man and machines
46 and 2 is what we’ll be
third eye directing this destiny
of white aquarians and black pisces

yin and yang colliding galaxies
discovering uncharted sexualities
dimensions of complex sensuality
will hold us captive with immortality

at the edge of the world I hold your hand
fanning our toes within white sands
watching the sunset and flying pelicans
I know I’m your woman and you’re my man

two super human beings we are
who’s hearts are made of the same star
who’s minds are raging the same war
to love and to be loved, just once more

oh Dark one, Who’s Heart is of the Sun
Are you, my one?