Complacent heart
Why won’t you start
And give me a little push

I’m laying here
Sounds in my ears
Smoke rising from my kush

Within his eyes
My demons hide
A playground full of filth

Come swing with me
My little pretty
Show me what your worth

Pull up your skirt
I’ll make you squirt
An orgasm, 2 or 3

My tounge will slide
Invade your mind
Absorb you into me

With my third eye
We both shall fly
From sky into the sea

Like Icarus
They think of us
As greek Mythology

Synchronized heart beating

I beg of you
Is our love true?
Or am I simply feeding

My fantasies
And hopeless dreams
My Horrorscope readings

I love you scott
And I should not
Girls shan’t do all the leading

So here is my heart
Peel it apart
Reveal what I’ve been dreaming

A life with you
46 and 2
Internal light is beaming

I want you naked
Your soul for taking
Please show me who you are

I want to know
If your my home
Are we are made of the same star?

Here is my heart.