I have never seen a man whom
I look upon like candy
this boy is top shelf chocolate liquor

my cravings for him
are insatiable
incessant are
his eyes, my river

and I am ever flowing
with thoughts of him
inside of me
beside me
holding my hand
keeping my gaze
lifting me from
off the green
and into interdimensional me
oh sweet candy man
I need more
cause the fire between
my thighs and the ride I take
while you’re on my mind
aren’t enough to satisfy
this candy girl

I need you’re fingers
to give me a good whirl
make me purr
make my hair curl
give me a sweet tooth
brain freeze, give me
all that chocolate you got to lay on me

boy you are driving me crazy
my heart wants to fall
into your hands
you ARE the King
all other men, lesser beings
pfffftt, they don’t compare
you’re skin so fare
like a rare colccatta marble
let me lay my tongue across the veins
of your candy cane

and bare
I stare
at the Michelangelo
that is you
my sweet
man who drips
of gold honey

candy man
I hear you
but, can you hear me?