When I laid my head on your chest, all I was thinking to myself was “you’re the most wonderful man I’ve ever met in my life”. But I didn’t want to break the beauty in the silence that was engulfing me with pure joy. The kind felt from violins and violas. From your first sighting of a butterfly. From the feel of cold air under a blue country moon. That silence had medicinal serotonin savory aromas. That moment was a lifetime of hope falling on top of you all at once until the clumsy look on your face reveals a drunken sailor just awakening after a night of brew hah with the boys. His love had me giddy like unboxing a long awaited toy. I drank of velvet blue from that man’s skin. And a poison made its way very slowly, at the brim of dawn, uncasting is vast arrival on the blood red horizon.
That man’s love makes a woman’s heart bleed.