Before I lay me down to sleep
I pray my heart you’ll always keep
and if I die before I wake
I give my soul for you to take
keep you warm and make you smile
walk with you down dusty road miles
I often wonder of the sound of your laugh
could it split my brain in half?
one side absolutely mad for you
and the other drowning in love so blue
tell me is this fierce love really true?
god, I pray you to tell us what we should do.
send us an angel to heal our wounds
so he might give me his heart in full bloom
the clock can’t tick fast enough today
awaiting the moment you send him my way
oh to lay beside him asleep and hold hands
is what runs thru my mind as I lay in my bed
his lips I stare at and kiss on my screen
this distance between us is so very mean
his voice in my ear as I fall asleep
tell me peach lips, will my heart you keep?
safe and secure, forever as you say
thru the black, white and even the grey?
cause one day I’ll kiss that body of yours
and hope that you’ll carry me thru the door
of our dream home and fantasy life
and maybe one day, I might be your wife…