I am a flower. I require attention, love, proper and adequate settings to thrive.

As a gardener, you became too blindsided by your personal life and personal needs, that you neglected the flower you purchased 7 months ago. I say purchased, because I was already potted and bloomed when you met me.

Not everybody has a green thumb. Some of us aren’t capable of taking care of plants and giving them the attention they require. Some plants are easy, but some plants need higher quality attention.

You can want the orchid, but you’ll kill it if you can’t take care of it properly.

You let the orchid die. You were too busy, doing your own thing, over and over, while watching the plant wilt. It cried out it was thirsty. Until it no longer could cry.

It takes hard work and attention to keep a plant alive, a fish alive, a cat or dog alive, a child alive, and a spouse alive.

That is time that’s called self sacrifice, in an effort to pour your very own water into the pot of another.

Self sacrifice is the only thing we have to give to one another.

Love is self sacrifice and care. That’s all love is.

The fleeting emotion is not love, for it ebbs and flows between chaos and order.

It’s the act of love, that’s love.

The only way you can love another is to love yourself.

In an emergency, we must put the oxygen mask on ourselves before we can put it on another.

So that our strength is able to hold and take care of that other.

We all hold the weight of the world on our shoulders and we will never be free of that burden. But like atlas, you have to be strong and hold up the world, so the world doesn’t collapse onto you.

With all of its weight, Atlas, so chooses to love the world.

For he will not let it fall while it remains under his control.

Self Control. Self Sacrifice & Love.