My heart is a jungle.

Filled with a lush ecosystem, humid and hungry

creatures still undiscovered by that beast at the top of the food chain

I am welcoming of all, but not all can survive here

my heart is a home, waiting for you

but yet, my heart has no home to call it’s own

My heart is a simple stick built tree house at the highest point of the forest

overlooking the vast land, deep roaring rivers, and green mountains

there is no ladder to get up, you’ve got to climb, bare legged and bare footed

hugging that tree for life

once you’ve reached to the entrance, it’s night

and I’ve got a platter of all the jungles delicious delights

a universe of stars to dive into and a panther who’s protecting me, from you.

Naked we lay under god’s thousands of dark glittering eyes,

the panther paces, agitated, aspirated and anticipating

your next move

I’ve invited you into my home

When do I get to see yours?