Written in 2003, Age 19

He is my exact opposite.
He is attractive to me.
Has a strong sexual drive and smell.
Creates a world. Does not read it.
Makes his own rules.
Lives by HIS morals, not the worlds.
His morals are like mine.
He is completely honest…
He loves to be around me.
He loves to be around my daughter.
He wants kids.
He has a good job and he is responsible.
He has a hobby I can enjoy.
He enjoys my hobbies.
He is there during my reign and my fall.
Money is not his God.
He shares all his feelings.
He tells me when my food is bad.
He makes fun of me playfully.
He holds me at night.
He needs me to hold him.
He’s alone without me.
Electricity will always be in our blood.
He is creative.
He is active.
He never makes up his mind.
He wants to show me the world and teach me his philosophies.
He believes in his beliefs and teachings. Not the worlds.
He has a smile that I melt for.
I am beautiful and sexy to him.
I am everything he has ever wanted, and more.
We have sex at least 4-5 times a week.
He misses me and my smell and touch when we are apart.
He can’t sleep at night without me.
I think he’s crazy.
He thinks I’m crazy.
He believes I’m a genius.
I believe he is.
He is the first and I am the last.
We are the only people on earth that make any sense.
We live in our world, and they live in theirs.
He loves to surprise me.
He is not lazy in bed!!
We have amazing sex!!
He finishes my sentences.
His voice makes me melt 🙂
He protects me and sticks up for me against anyone.
I can’t look at him on the outside.
I can’t see thru him.
All I can see is him.
And I know he is real.
Our bodies are made for each other.
He is everything I’m not sure how to be.
And I the same for him.
He knows what I’m thinking 🙂
I know what he is thinking.
I trust his judgment.
When we banter we usually make up by making each other laugh!
He thinks I’m funny, even when I’m crazy.
He thinks everyone sucks.
He is filled with wisdom and wonder.
Always asking why, when, how and who…
People view him as superior and mighty.
And people view me as his crazy brilliant beautiful wife.
He is strong.
He has a big build.
He tells me when I’m wrong.
And he accepts when he is wrong.
He is my stability.
And I am his creativity.
We make an attractive couple.
Together we make a whole.
And the world is our playground.
His heart burns for me.
And I as well for him.
He makes me blush whenever I see him 🙂
He is always making me laugh.
Always play fighting, and joking around.
He dresses well, sharp.
Other couples envy our relationship.
Because we are one of a kind.
He has a kind charm.
Knows how to use his words.
He sacrifices things for me.
He holds me when I cry and caresses me.