It is quite a strange experience that the gods have placed before us. A world full of war and rage and monsters. and there is the flip side to it, if you’re lucky enough to be on the more quieter end of life. A life where people are happy and respect one another and people can finally choose their own partners more freely. But one constant remains thru out time, upon lands of war and lands of placidity. People who fall in love. Not just choose to love and have and hold, but the ones who fall madly in love. Such a curse and a blessing for a writer. because it’s their cries you hear when they fall down from heights so high. And when they are high on your love, the whole world knows. For ages, people have married and had children and had full lives. I’ve even had one, as short lived as it was. I certainly did not see the rug get pulled out from underneath me in that one. When we try to do things by the book, all is well and all is right. At least we hope it will be.

The poets, the musicians. It’s their voices left behind that cascade thru time. Reminding us, that the one emotion that can move mountains is falling in love. We have but one heart, and when the time is right, we pull it out of it’s cage and hand it over to someone. Exposing it to air and elements and danger. Such a risk we take, all in an effort to fall in love. But there is this other element the gods have thrown in the mix. Will the one we love, love us back with the same intensity and desire? And we stand there, with our hearts out of our chest like a begging fool. unaware of what shall be reflected to us when we stand in the mirror so proud of ourselves. Proud that we found someone whom was worthy enough to have the greatest gift we can give them. Our love! For it was you that was able to dig it up! It basically came crawling out of it’s own cave to be near you.

AH! But whats this? What’s this? The other party, doesn’t want it. The other party won’t or can’t take his own heart out for you. And there is absolutely nothing in the world you can do to make that change. They either want to, or not. It’s that simple. And yet, so complicated in trying to understand, “but why?”. And there is no answer to the “why?” that we will ever accept. I’m not for you, so be it….We are shocked. Devastated and embarrassed. We turn around so you can’t see us. And try desperately to put our hearts back into the rib cage. But it will never fit in there the same and it will never beat the same. All the connections are weaker. And the loss of life and air that happens when we pull our hearts out, remind us that it’s a rather difficult task and that we should be more careful next time. But careful doesn’t get you anything. It’s people who work and put forth effort and take risks that reap those benefits. Fighters. Those of us who don’t fear. And fear, is nothing more than a weakness. A mental block. A mental weakness.

Love is why we all live. Love is everywhere. A spectrum in all different forms. But, falling in love, madly in love, is the ecstasy and orgasm of love. And not everyone knows how to orgasm. And not everyone knows how to fall in love and give love.

But there are still some of us that know the joy of both. there are still some of us that hold the experience and knowledge of both and even then, we are still perplexed. Love can take apart the strongest man or woman. Love can also create gods. It creates suns and stars. Reflections of light we should reach for. Memories of what was and should be. Hope.