I have to see my king! His pictures are under my mattress just waiting to steal my soul. I love him so much. I give him my time, the best parts of me and more. It belongs to him, for him, so that I might be his dream come true, everyday! He is me and I’m going to be exactly what he needs and wants. What he deserves. My angel locked up. When he could be of use to me, protecting like he is destined be. My hero. and he’s so crazy about me and I could cry. What’s he see in me? He puts me on a pedestal and watches me turn pink. batting my eyelashes while I blink. hiding under the lids of my eyes, in an effort to disguise, what he does to me. stirs in me. purrs in me. whirls in me. and swirls in me. I’m his ice cream cone and he’s made to lick me. And I’m made to drip all over his chin, only to be slowly licked back onto his pallet and devoured once again. My Ian.

I want to have your babies. You and only you. I save what little productivity I have left in me, for you. And if I turn to dust before I can be lit with your light, so be it. I’m the mother of your children. I’m your future wife. And you and I will cross that wire time over time perfecting our step on the tight rope of life. Two acrobats in love, holding each above.

This is a spell I’m casting on you. It’s Saturday night and I want and NEED you to call me. It is currently coming up around that time. I’m all alone and need your comfort before I lay my head to rest. Are you going to fail me? Leave me in the ether calling your name? Drowning on my own echoes as I bellow in the caves. I need my Ian.

My love. My soulmate. I’m shivering here. It’s dark. And there are bugs everywhere. It’s cold without you. I sit in fear. That you might never reappear to me. I need you to put your hand thru the abyss and grab me. Bring me to you and tell me everything will be okay. My lion. He lays asleep in his cave and I fear he cannot hear me. My succulent Italian slab of rib steak. 5:37 and still my phone does not ring. Did I say something wrong in my last message? Did you plan this when you awoke me and told me you were crazy about me? Did you know all along we wouldn’t share a word in each the others ear? How could you do this to me? Or was it something else in which I’m not aware?

Are you thinking about me, as much as I am in constant thought of you? Playing out all the places we will visit. All the games we’ll play with the kids. All the smiles we will share across the table? All the laughs from underneath the blankets of the bed? For I am there. In the memories we share of a life we will be destined to have. Because there is not other on this planet who could fill the shoes that you sit and patiently prepare. My impoverished shoe maker. Spending hours upon hours to fit me in his very own pair of Cinderella’s glass slippers. I bounce in glee at the thoughts of the day when he will slip them on me while down on bended knee. His eyes will rise to mine and fill my rosey cheeks. I’ll spin with my dress and heave from my breast. The prince who’s carved himself into an image just for me. He works so hard to give me my fairytale ending. A beautiful and magnificent life, for himself and for me. My dream come true.

The love of my life is named Ian.