I’ve got two t-bone steaks. Cause the majority of steaks come in packs of two. But there is only one of me.
Right now we would be eating the steak I’ve been perfecting every other week now. With your choice of balsamic cream sauce or Parmesan garlic sauce smothered on top. A side of the best homemade mashed potatoes and perhaps some buttered Brussels sprouts or asparagus. I could watch you smile as you eat away at my masterpiece. or perhaps I’ve over cooked the meat and you’ll have to watch me scowl at my disaster the entire time we are eating dinner. After dinner, we’d do the dishes and watch our favorite show. What is our favorite show? Or maybe a game of Titan fall or Skyrim? Mario Kart? Or a race to see who can finish Mario Bro’s 3?
If I could be your wife, I’d want to be your best friend, and you my own. We could laugh at everyone else, and feel sorry for them, cause they don’t love like we do. And when people will say, we wish we could find a love like yours, we’ll smile. You and I are unlike any other. For our love can only grow stronger with each and everyday. We aren’t made the same as them. We know how communicate and fix problems. Not throw each other away. And I hope you and I could never betray the other, for we are best friends and best friends tell each other everything. They are understanding and open minded. We grow together, never apart. Together, we have many roots, but are bound as one tree. One heart beat and one soul. If you linger in the dark, closely I will follow holding your hand. If you fall, I will pick you up and if I slip you will catch me.
If I could be your wife,we could dance in the basement. Hip hop, salsa, samba, and break dance. I would dance to all the music you (might or may not) make, for me. No one’s opinion matters more than yours to me. You are my king! And I, your queen. And I daydream of the day we become a team. Building each other up and holding each other there. Drinking of each others cup and being mindful that we aren’t draining the other. But maintaining an overall well balance of our spirits.
And we could sit out on the patio and watch the sun set, hand in hand. Talk about the adventures we’ll have the next day. I’d rub your feet in my lap and listen to all the philosophies inside your head. You’d remind me of all my weaknesses in chess, and follow up with new strategies. And I’d smile at you, thinking how lucky that I am. 
We’d snuggle down for bed and I’d probably find a way to sneak a peak at old love letters you wrote for me. Rereading them over and over again. Reliving that feeling you gave me. I’d lay my head to rest, being thankful that I found you and could call you, my husband. Kissing you on your way to dreams and nuzzling you behind your head. Seeping my good energy inside to you. So you may wake up fresh and rested. So you may sleep with good dreams. And I would always try to sleep with you weighing on my mind, so I may meet you in another plane.
This is a call out to my future husband. Take me away from all this over stimulation. Give me a reason to never use another useless app again. Cause all I do is look for you. I want to get lost in the woods with you. I seek my guide….
If only I could be, your wife