You came into my life like an earthquake
My whole world shook and the earth opened up before me
A canyon was in my path and I fell in, thousands of feet down below inside the earth
passing different layers of earths crust, beautiful crystals, and scary bugs,
rocks and jewels I’ve never seen before. dirt, a color I’m not even sure exists on land
skeletal remains of a past life on the planet, falling so quickly, but feels like it’s in slow motion

When I reach the bottom, I’m stopped by a massive spider web, strong and tight. I don’t bounce, I’m just stuck in it bouncing from the fall. I can’t see any light from the land above, but I do see light below out of the corner of my eye. Where is down there?

A giant snake like creature slithers onto the web I’m caught in. I’m terrified completely that I’ll be eaten. He slides on top of me, his triangular head 3 times the size of my own lays down right atop of my lap. He’s staring at me, and a giant red skinny tongue licks me across my face and snaps back.

The web breaks and I fall roughly 20ft down on top of a cloud of cotton like substance. Glittering gold and white, soft and fluffy. I look around, all alone down here. A green iridescent pool of what I think is water is just before me. I walk over and stick my finger in it and ripples of glowing green and yellow gradually dwindle away from me. I taste it, and an immediate drug like haze washes over me. I look up and see a human like creature sitting on a rock across the way, he’s watching me and motions me to come forward. Under a spell, I have no hesitations and jump right into the water. It does not feel like water, it feels like floating in oil, hard to explain, but you move so quickly thru it, like you aren’t suppose to be in it and it’s trying to reject you. It soaks thru your skin and you begin to tingle and change physically in appearance.

Once you emerge from this pool, you look and you’ve become a creature just like him. iridescent glowing skin, probably to protect you from environment down below in this world beneath the surface. He’s been sitting there waiting for you, and you know it immediately.

He grabs you by the hand and takes you into his scary new world beneath the surface of the earth. And there you begin life anew. Happy and In complete and utter infatuated love with him and his beautiful world.

The End.