Blue walked under the moonlight held in her new warm jacket that prince had bought her. Life had been rough on her the past few years and the small act of kindness he bestowed upon her was a treasure she held close to her heart every time she zipped it up.

The cold air was crisp against her blushed cheeks as she walked the pavement to princes house. Her heart beating with excitement from the mysterious night that was about to unfold before her. The jacket was no match for the heat of her body as she started to feel too warm under its cloak.

She climbed the stairs and upon reaching the mud room she saw the blind fold she was told she was to put on as soon as she came thru the door. She removed her jacket and shoes and put the blind fold on. Prince was alerted of her arrival by the door notification. He went to her and helped adjust her blind fold so it was tight as can be. He gave her a small kiss on the lips, careful to be quite so raven wouldn’t find out. “Nice to have you here, thank you for coming tonight.” Prince said to her quietly.

He walked her over carefully to the living room. Raven was seated at the couch and he presented blue to her, standing before her.

“Helloooo Blue”. Raven said with a reluctant long tone.

Blue replied “Hello”.

Don’t you have any manners? Tonight it’s going to be “Hello, Mistress Raven”.

Blue stood to attention. “Hello, Mistress Raven”. A smile cracked from the corner of her lip.

“Please get undressed down to your panties.”

Blue started to remove her clothing. As soon as she pulled down her jeans, she felt a sharp slap on her right bottom cheek. She gasped at the unexpected spank.

“What did you forget to say?” Raven said.


Raven spanked her again harder a second time. “Say YES MISTRESS!”

“YES MISTRESS!” Blue said with a shallow tone. Her hands still at her ankles holding her jeans.

“BULLSHIT, I can’t hear you. Sound off like you gotta pair and stand attention with your hands to your sides when you say YES MISTRESS”.

Blue stood up, straightened her back and put her hands to her side. “YES MISTRESS”.

“Good girl, thats good.”

Blue continued to remove all the articles of clothing she had on until she was down to a pair of white cotton panties.

Her blue curls upon drying from the wet cold outside, could be seen frizzing up from the living room light. “Lady Blue, walk straight so you are right in front of me please, then get down on your knees in front of me.” She did as she was instructed and placed her hands on top of her knees, as if she’d done this before and was very prepared. Raven took her hair into her hands and pulled out a couple of small hair bands from her purse. She made two loose braids that graced each side of Blue’s face and tied them up at the ends.

Prince watched with a smile on his face as he was drinking his martini and cooking pasta for the girls.

“Tonight is going to be a sensory deprivation night for you. That means you’re not going to get to see me and I don’t want to see you.  Your purpose is solely to be a toy for US to play with.” Raven explained. “Just remember to tell me if you feel dizzy at all or need a bathroom break to get yourself adjusted”.

Prince brought a plate of food over for Raven. “She doesn’t need a plate. She’ll eat my leftovers. Please give her a dab and a Martini.”

Prince setup a dab for the girls to inhale. Handed blue a drink and the two of them sat there enjoying their meal as they watched blue sip on her martini. Naked and on her knees, blind folded. Her skin puckered at the slight cool in the air as her anxious fear spiked thru her nerves. Prince could not help but adjust his growing erection at the site of her nipples responding to the temperature in the room.

Raven glared at him. And he just gave her that big old smile with the dimple that he knows she can’t resist. She finished up what she wanted and placed the plate before blue.

Raven walked behind blue and tied her hands behind her back with a silk black rope. She put her hand on top of blues head and instructed her to bend down as she pushed her nose down into the plate. “EAT IT ALL AND PUT YOUR ASS INTO THE AIR.”

“Snort and oink LIKE A PIG While you eat!” Raven demanded.

As blue began snorting while eating her food, raven shook her head and said, yuk as she looked at prince.

Blue pulled out some baby oil and began to slowly rub it into blues soft thighs. Prince came around to help her. The both of them were slowly applying oil over her thighs. Raven pulled her panties down so prince could start to oil her pussy. As he became excited he undressed quickly throwing his clothes to the corner of the room. “Look, now you’re all slimy like a pig.” Raven grabbed the large throbbing erection of prince with her oily hands and gave him a little kiss with her soft lips on the head of his dick. She brought him down her mouth slowly, mmmmmmmm and moaned feeling his want for her, in her mouth. She took him out of her mouth and guided prince to her pussy so he could fuck her while her face was down in the plate. As he slid into her she slipped down a bit. SIT UP, PUT YOUR FACE BACK IN THE PLATE! Prince demanded.

As he slid his erection into her warm pussy he let out a slight moan of relief. He spread his legs wide so that raven could come behind and put his balls into her warm soft mouth. Prince slowly slid back and forth, indulging in the sensation of fucking a warm pussy and having the bottom of his shaft and balls massaged with Raven’s tongue. He had to pause a couple times to keep himself from ejaculating. When they had enough, prince lifted her up and raven wiped the creamy pasta sauce gently off blue’s face.

She was instructed to lay down on the couch. Raven wanted to taste her. Her rope and hands were exchanged from the back and now to the front in front of her breasts. When prince was done tying her, he laid his mouth on her supple breast. Kissing her there, passionately. Raven adjusted herself on the couch, laying on her belly and pulled blue’s flower close to her nose. She sniffed and nuzzled herself in between blue’s thighs. Blowing gently around her. Indulging in the feminin scent that had a touch of heat from the love that was just bestowed inside her pussy by Prince.  She kissed her there, gently with her soft lips. Her tongue pressed against her own lips, gliding slowly, playing with her. Analyzing her response so that she could deliver to her erotic sensations never felt before. And as Raven could loser herself while indulging and worshiping cock, she began to learn to worship pussy in her mouth.

Prince came behind raven and lifted her by the belly, raising her bottom in the air while he watched her please blue. His excitement could be seen by his very large beating shaft. It had become red and swollen and he placed himself inside raven as he watched her pleasing blue and blue moaning out in ecstacy. Raven swayed her ass just a little bit and started to moan as she felt him inside her, gripping her belly and pulling himself further inside her. Her pussy dripped down his thigh. She had never felt so wet before. Raven moaned against blue’s clit and blue moaned along with her in melody. Prince was becoming weak at the knees and again had to pause himself. After he got a hold of himself, he began fucking harder, making raven collapse on the couch, with her bottom still reaching toward the sky in anticipation for more of his pounding.

It was time for Blue to taste raven’s pussy. Prince sat on the couch. Raven placed blue in front of him and guided her head over his shaft as she swallowed him. On her way up, Raven carefully licked up his shaft. Following the rhythm that blue was creating. She watched the passion in princes eyes as the two of them relished themselves upon their toy. Prince’s body shook under the pressure of two mouths and tongues drooling over his throbbing cock.

Raven lifted blue up until she was on all 4’s. She put on her double strap on that slid into her pussy on one end and was a dick on the other end. So that every time she slid into blue, she would feel the pleasure at the same time. She took the baby oil and rubbed it all over her nice new big white cock while starting and smiling at prince.  Then she lay her hand against blue’s pussy to feel her ecstacy and slowly spread her pussy lips apart so she could enter her with her big cock. Blue moaned onto prince’s dick. He grabbed her head and pushed himself down her tiny throat until he could feel her neck begin to spread making room for his enormity.

Tears began fall from her face onto his hard belly. Saliva slid down trickling between his balls and he arched his head back. Raven began to pound into blue faster so that she moaned louder and was pushing more against princes dick. Prince could feel the rhythm of the ecstacy of both girls and as he cried out to spill his life force into blue’s small throat, both girls began to moan with him until all of them fell into ecstacy at the same time.