I saw you, in the back of the room, keeping your distance from me. You know who you are. You know who I am. Sitting back there with clammy hands. Staring at me from behind. Coming up in your head with all kinds of ways to approach me but your body won’t do what your mind wants it to. Like they are two separate entities of you. You look around to see if anyone notices you daydreaming. That’s what shy boys do to make up for what they lack in. They have big imaginations that don’t get much attention.

I get up to go to the bathroom. You follow me far behind, just to watch how I walk, how my hips move from one side to the other full of confidence and grace. Making you even more afraid to come near me. You aren’t worthy of her. She could lure anyone she wants. You’re staring down the hall, trying to come up with something to say or some way to bump into her just so you can feel her presence surround you. You wish you could hear her voice ask you what your name is. Would she reciprocate the same gut churning feelings you are having? Too many past rejections have made you scared to approach this lioness in your sights.

Catching you by surprise, she peeks around the wall. She knows you are there, watching her. She stares at you with big dark eyes blushing in your direction. You try to act cool, trying to turn around and walk away like your some kind of marlboro man. But you just step on your own two feet. Making her smirk at you. You’re embarrassed. But you smirk back at her.

You walk over back to where you were seated before. Minutes later she strolls in and takes a seat next to you. Looking at you while she carefully straightens her short pencil skirt. You can smell the faint scent of lavender emitting from her direction. You’re fixated on her lips, thick and juicy begging for you to take a bite. But you can’t. You can’t even manage to smile, or say hi. Your a complete wreck. She turns to look at you, lightly smiling, like your pathetic in some way. Does she feel sorry for you? Sitting all alone in the corner of the room. She starts to stare at you, you notice her scanning you for all those parts on your body that make women go crazy. Eyes, lips, biceps, chest, hand size, height. She’s calculating your length in her mind and you know it. You start to choke up, you can’t breath. You cough and smile at her, just to break this awkward silence that’s happening between the two of you.

She gets the message. She turns her head to the front of the room. You try and sneak a peak back with your peripheral vision, hoping she won’t notice you. He hair is draped to one side, you can see her neck, hair laid back behind her ear. Small curls draping on her shoulder. She knows your looking, and she’s allowing you to have a look. It’s your turn to do the sniffing, to check out what the earth and sky made of her. Parts of her that you could be enjoying if only you could find the words to ask her to go out with you tonight. Take her somewhere nice and quite where you could be alone together. But just the thought of being alone together has you even more nervous.

You want to say something to her. Anything. Your lips start to quiver and she catches it. You quickly revert your eyes back to the front of the room. You turn white as a ghost. The blood underneath your skin starts rushing to places you hope no one will see. Especially her. She would be creeped out. You’ve gotta get up and walk away before the unthinkable happens. As you start to adjust yourself to sit up, she grabs for you hand. Her small fingers trying to wrap themselves over your large hand. You freeze up instantly, allowing her to do what she pleases with you. You are so excited at the unexpected scene, the feel of her warm skin touching yours. Soft and gentle her hands are, she looks at you and places your hand in her lap. Places her other hand on top of both of yours. Holding you in place there. Your hand is at the top most peak of her skirt. Right above her womanhood. Is anyone else seeing this? Don’t start to sweat now. You start chanting to yourself not to get an erection. She’s starts rubbing her finger against your thumb in a slow motion. Back and forth so gently. It’s driving you crazy. Your mind wants to get up and run, but your body wants to stay here with her. Allowing her to take advantage of your weakness for her simple touching. The jolt of electricity you feel running thru your body has your imagination going wild.

Oh the things you would do to her, for her, if the two of you were alone together.