“Are you bored with me?” she says’s looking onto him with puppy dog eyes. His back is turned to her while he sits at his desk attentively working on his book. No answer comes from him as he’s entrapped in what he is writing.

A childlike whimper escapes her breath. She’s throws herself back on the bed. Looking up into the skylight, wondering and dreaming. She sticks our her tongue so she can balance a pepridge farm goldfish on the tip. whips it in her mouth and crunches down. She does this again, but this time more loudly and annoyingly to get his attention. He removes his hands from his keyboard and lays them down on the desk. Tapping a finger in agitation. Contemplating what he should do about this vexatious girl. “don’t you have any work of your own to do?”. She replies with, “I don’t know, maybe.” He rolls his eyes at her vague answer. “You’re like a child sometimes, you know.” He says. He sighs and gets back to typing.

A tidbit of agitation rolls thru her mind. She wrinkles her eye. About 15 minutes pass. She gets herself up from the bed and stretches her arms out with a yawn while extending her body in full length. Walks over to him in his hunched position at the computer. She nuzzles him around the back of his neck and ear. He’s so warm and smells of sweet masculinity. The scent of him always drives her mad with carnality. He closes his eyes to bath in her addicting presence. She slides her hands down the front of his chest, and grabs for his keyboard and mouse. She jets out the door and down the stairs. He is startled by the quick change in character. “Jeezus” he says.

He walks down stairs to find her undressed down to only her red panties and a thin white tank top. She’s seated herself on the couch in a poised and proper manner. Legs together and clasped shut. hands closed together and on top her lap. The keyboard and mouse are nowhere to be seen. He looks at her, turns his head and walks away from the living room. She waits a few minutes and see’s him come back in the room. An ice filled glass and ropes in hand. He motions with his eyes for her to sit on one of the wooden table chairs. She obediently gets up and seats herself on the cold 4 legged chair. He sees she’s nervous about the unknown situation at hand.

He walks behind her, carefully brings her hands behind the chair like he’s done many times before. Takes his first thin strand of rope and skillfully ties her two wrists together very gently. “What are you doing with the ice?” She says. He ignores her. “Well I’m keeping your computer shit for a few days so you’ll spend some time with me.” He points over to some duct tape on the kitchen bar counter “Will I need to use that on you too?” She shakes her head no and puts her head down. He grabs both her ankles and proceeds to tie each of her legs to each leg on the chair. Her legs are spread wide open. He stares at her, and her long dark thick hair draped across in front of her shoulder, curvy body and voluptuous thighs. He’s contemplating what he wants to do.

While her eyes are still facing the ground, he walks back into the room and comes out with a small horse whip they bought together at the ranch store a few days ago. Her eyes gaze back up at him and follow him across the room where he also grabs the cup of ice. He stands in front of her and drops down to his knees. He slowly rolls up her spaghetti strap tank top exposing her breasts. He takes a piece of ice in one hand while still holding the whip in the other. He places the glistening ice in his mouth between his teeth and traces around one of her breasts. Again with the other and she lets out a faint whimper. He raises the whip and slaps her inner thigh. It stings greatly. She lets out an loud and quick squeeky yelp. “ah ah, nooo…you want it again?” he says to her. she shakes her head no. He resumes his ice capade on her body, slowly outlining her shoulder blades, nipples, belly button giving her chills all over. She is struggling to not let out any sound in reaction to the ice cold she feels on her skin and the heat churning in her panties.

Finally, what she has been waiting for, he brings the ice in his mouth on down to her thighs where she utterly loses control and lets out a delicate moan of ecstasy. He stands up, and whips her again, and she is alert, back on earth. Her eyes widen and she holds back the sound of instant pain she’s in. He stares at her, stone faced. She’s staring up at him doe eyed. “I hope you’re ready for this.” he says to her. ready for what? she thinks. back down on his knees he carefully pulls her panties to one side, gently slides his middle finder inside her to feel her warmth. She’s so wet with desire and ecstasy. It get’s him excited and almost makes him lose control of himself, lost in his mind he get’s closer and gives her a little lick to satisfy his own hunger. His erection is throbbing and all he want’s to do is storm her with his cock. But instead He puts another piece of solid glistening ice in his mouth, and sets it inside her panties and closes the area up. Let’s it sit there while he watches her intensely to see her reaction. To see how long she can last with ice sitting right on top of her. It doesn’t take long for her to whimper in pain. “Please!” she says “it’s cold”. “oh it’s cold is it?” he replies. “Well are you gonna be a good girl and let me work?” “YES!! PLEASE” she begs him. He pulls her panties back to one side and removes the ice. She’s relieved and lets out a long sigh of relief. He slaps her on the thighs once more. She’s alert again. He bends down and kisses her on the forehead. “Where is it?” – he asks her. “Under the couch” she says. He walks over, grabs his things and looks back at her with a smirk. “You can stay there, I’ll be back whenever I’m back.”. “What If I get bored?” She whines.

He raises an eyebrow. “You and I will never be bored as long as we have one another, you just have to be patient sometimes little birdie.”